Financial Training offers the most current and relevant training for university employees with fiscal responsibilities. Our workshops are conducted by Volunteer Presenters who are subject matter experts from the Office of Business and Finance as well as from across the campus.

120 Stores & Receiving Bldg
2650 Kenny Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone (614) 292-8411
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
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Many positions at the university include fiscal responsibilities, such as purchasing, paying for goods and services, making journal entries or reading reports issued by the Financials system. If your job includes fiscal responsibilities or if you are interested in learning about them, you may be interested in the series of instructor-led workshops and online courses offered free of charge as a service to the university community.

The workshops present fiscal concepts, policies, and procedures as they apply to the university environment.

Schedule of Financial Training Workshops

The online courses are offered through Carmen and describe in detail the responsibilities and tasks of each fiscal role.

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