Student Mentor Program

The Student Mentor Program allows units within the Office of Financial Services shared access to student employees, who could provide assistance with short-term projects, such as, but not limited to, data entry, reconciliation, basic graphic design, shredding, and filing. 

Students selected to participate in the Student Mentor Program have been promoted to senior student postitions within their home areas. These students have consistently demonstrated an understanding of home unit operations, dependability in the quality of service delivered to external and internal customers, and professionalism in the work place.

For staff, the benefits of utilizing the Student Mentor Program include:

  • Project assistance without the need to hire student employees
  • Additional time for full-time staff to work on more complicated projects

For students, the benefits of participating in the Student Mentor Program include: 

  • Exposure to other business functions within the Office of Financial Services 
  • Additional skills and experience for resume enhancement
  • Develop or extend professional networking opportunities

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Meet Our Students

Student Mentor Program Participant Brenna Amis

Brenna Amis
Location: Student Academic Services Building

Hometown: Palmdale, California
Major: Biology
Future Plans: Teaching while obtaining my Doctorate to practice Physical Therapy
Hobby: Tabletop games

Student Mentor Program Participant Justin Western

Justin Western
Location: Student Academic Services Building

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Major: Material Science and Engineering
Future Plans: Work as a Material Scientist and Engineer in the biomaterials or sporting goods/polymer industry. Possibly go to grad school.
Interesting Fact: Has 10 nephews and 5 nieces. Also citizen of the year for Dayton, Ohio.

Student Mentor Program Participant Jessica Zbiegien

Jessica Zbiegien
Location: Student Academic Services Building

Hometown: Chardon, Ohio
Major: Accounting
Future Plans: 1 year Masters of Accounting Program at Ohio State, then working full time at KPMG Accounting
Hobby: Running – currently training for first half marathon in the spring

Meet Our Coordinators

Student Mentor Program Coordinator Emily Nagy
Emily Nagy
Location: Student Academic Services Building

Student Mentor Program Coordinator Kelly Tuttle

Kelly Tuttle
Location: South Gateway Campus