COVID-19 Updates

Updated Business & Finance processes in response to COVID-19 as of January 8, 2021.

Visit Safe and Healthy Buckeyes with details and current updates for Ohio State University faculty, staff & students.

During this unprecedented point in time, colleagues throughout Business & Finance are undertaking measures to ensure business continuity while keeping the health and well-being of our university community top of mind. 

Travel Guidelines issued December 18, 2020

Coronavirus temporary travel guidelines:

Travel Guidelines issued December 18, 2020.

Previous travel Guidelines issued March 11, 2020; Guidelines issued March 23, 2020; Guidelines issued June 20, 2020.

Coronavirus travel FAQs: Learn more from FAQs posted as of June 20, 2020


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Return-to-Campus Kits

OSU Stores offers COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your department and Return-to-Campus kits to purchase through eStores. See the full listing on item details and numbers for placing your order.  Delivery is typically within two days. Questions can be directed to View COVID-19 PPE supplies.

New Financial Controls Enacted as of March 23, 2020

Ohio State has implemented new controls on cash reserves and restrictions on procurement spending -- as well as a temporary hiring pause -- as financially prudent steps in response to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

These actions will allow the university to assess the operational and budgetary impacts of our coronavirus response. 

All university leaders are being asked to control discretionary spending, including procurement activity, in case the COVID-19 effects are with us for an extended period of time. Every area of the university should make all attempts to retain as much of its current (FY2020) budget as possible.

The university is implementing several steps to aid with this process:

  • Each senior fiscal officer will become the level 2 approver for procurement activity in his or her college/unit to ensure proposed purchases are strictly necessary.
  • In addition, any spending (including planned spending) of current cash reserves must be approved by either the provost (for all academic units), the chancellor (for the Wexner Medical Center) or the university's chief financial officer (for all support units excluding the Office of Academic Affairs).

For information on the hiring pause, see the Office of Human Resources coronavirus webpage.

Central Receiving, Mail & Deliveries

Central Receiving Update - as of November 23, 2020

Central Receiving and inter-office mail services remain open and continue to provide service to buildings that are open for receiving and pickup. We will hold undelivered packages until the campus re-opens. If a received delivery contains perishable items, an email will be sent to the contact with instructions for pickup by will call.

In addition to providing full service to open buildings, Central Receiving is servicing the following drop boxes:

LocationType of Box
Doan Hall N129AUPS Box
Biomedical Research Tower

OSU Box, UPS Box

McCampbell Hall UPS Box
2050 Kenny RdUPS Box
2650 Kenny Rd (Central Receiving)OSU Box, UPS Box
Veterinary Hospital


660 Ackerman Rd

UPS Box (adjusted pickup time to 8:00 am instead of 4:30 pm)

Mail Services
Mail Services remain open to support Main Campus. Should units wish to hold incoming United States Postal Service (USPS) mail, service must be stopped directly through the USPS by each department.

General Deliveries from 3rd Party
If your package is being delivered directly by Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc., please contact your vendor for the tracking number so that you can track it. If packages are re-routed to Central Receiving, they will be held for future scheduled delivery. Questions should be directed to the 3rd party.

Water Delivery Changes

Magnetic Springs Water Company has recently made adjustments to deliveries due to COVID-19. Magnetic Springs will place all University accounts on a “will call” basis until further notice. What this means is: Magnetic Springs will only deliver to locations that call or email saying that they need water. They will be on campus one day a week, more if needed, to make these deliveries. Magnetic and the University believe this is the best way to continue delivering and keeping employees safe in this time of uncertainty. If you have any questions, please call 614-421-1780 or email

More details on Mail and Central Services can be found on the web, or contact Customer service at or call 614-292-2694. 

Deposits, Checks & Purchasing

Operations Update - as of January 8, 2021

Stores & Receiving Building are currently open to accept deposits at 2650 Kenny Road. Business hours are M-F 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. For questions, please contact Treasury Management or Accounts Payable.

Accounts Payable team members are teleworking with business hours from M-F 7:30 am-4:30 pm. Check Runs and Pick-ups are only on Thursdays, between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm at 2650 Kenny Road.  Questions should be directed to

Purchasing staff are currently teleworking with business hours from M-F 8:00 am-5:00 pm. Please contact Purchasing Customer Service at or visit the web for more details.

Surplus Department

Surplus Services will close for the duration of the Level 4 (purple) advisory designation.
Public Sale and Department Transfer Day is suspended until further notice. 
GovDeals pickups are being scheduled by appointment only. Building access is being kept to a minimum and allowed only by permission. Masks are required for all pickups.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns:

Internal Audit

Internal Audit remains committed to assisting departments with financial/operational audits, information systems audits and compliance, and to that end are planning to work with their clients as much as possible to continue to do audits in progress. 
Given the challenges, the Internal Audit staff are cognizant and understanding of work that can be done through email and via phone conversations. Clients should contact their applicable audit staff. Staff are set up to be responsive to email and office phone numbers, which have been forwarded to their personal phones.

Office of University Bursar

Check Payments
All Bursar processes are currently operational. Check payments are currently processed twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students should mail checks to P.O. Box 183248, Columbus, Ohio 43218-3248 or pay online. There is no fee for online check payments. Online credit cards incur a 2.75% convenience fee.

Check Refunds
Check refunds are mailed using the following address hierarchy depending on what address is on file: residence hall, current mailing address, permanent address. Students expecting to receive a refund should be encouraged to sign up for direct deposit at Buckeylink

Student Questions
Students are encouraged to email Buckeyelink at or call 614-292-0300.

Past-Due Accounts
Former students or customers with past-due debt should be directed to the University Collections by calling 614-292-1056 (option #2) or email

Housing, Dining and Fees

While the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) disrupted Ohio State’s spring 2020 semester, the university remains committed to supporting students as they pursue their academic and career goals. 

Housing and dining costs were adjusted in spring 2020 and fall 2020 to reflect COVID-19 related changes to the academic calendar:

  • In spring 2020, students moved out of university housing by March 22 unless they received an exception. Housing and dining refunds were calculated based on days remaining in the semester, a student’s meal plan usage and the status of both payments and credits in their account.
  • For fall 2020, housing and dining charges reflected that classes were to be virtual after Nov. 25. Additionally, students who moved out of campus residences by Nov. 20 were eligible for a five-day credit on room and board.

The university has not adjusted tuition and academic fees. All courses are designed to meet specific learning objectives for students, and they are offered for full academic credit. The mix of in-person, online and blended teaching continues to meet the university’s high academic standards.

Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit in My Buckeye Link. If direct deposit is set up, an electronic funds distribution will be made. All other refunds will be mailed to the students permanent address on file. 

Visit the FAQs for further details. If you have questions about housing, contact For dining related questions, contact dining@osu.eduFor general questions, contact or call 614-292-0300.


The Central Ohio Transit Authority has not charged fares to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, including for all of Ohio State’s autumn semester 2020. Therefore, the university is removing the $13.50 COTA fee for all Columbus campus students who were assessed the fee in autumn semester.

COTA will begin assessing fares again on January 11, 2021, so the university will apply the autumn 2020 credit to students’ Statement of Account for spring semester 2021 or provide a refund, depending on each student’s billing status. Sign up for Direct Deposit through BuckeyeLink for quicker refunds.

For details about using your BuckID to ride COTA, go to

Questions or concerns?

Please contact Business & Finance for questions related to business processes, and contact Wexner Medical Center for questions related to coronavirus pandemic.