ASIST Translation Services, Inc

ASIST Translation Services, Inc. provides translation and interpretation services to businesses and organizations worldwide.  All of their translation and interpreter services are customized to meet your exact business and language needs. They offer more than 240 languages.

  • Items Offered: Phone and onsite interpretation services, translation services.
  • Designations: eStores, Buy Ohio



Contract Details

  • Type: OSU
  • Dates: 02/01/19-02/01/24
  • Vendor ID #: 0000150519
  • Category Code: PROFS

Benefits to Ohio State

  • Negotiated fixed fees per-hour services

Ordering and Pricing

  • This supplier has a hosted catalog in eStores. Place your order directly through eStores.
  • Contact the eStores Service Center for questions about eStores. 
  • Standard Language( Spanish, Somali, French, Arabic,Russian): Min 1 hour / Unit Price $28.00
  • All other spoken languages: Min 1 hour / Unit Price $33.00
  • ASL:Min 2 hours / Unit Price $51.00
  • Cancel less than 1 hour notice: Min 1 hour / Minimum language charge
  • Rush Rate (all languages): Min 1 hour / $4.00 per hour if requested less than 4 business hours in advance



• Service (Shipping N/A)

Supplier Account Contact(s)

Phone: 614-451-6744
Fax: 614-451-0442

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