Am I entitled to a full reimbursement for travel expenses that have been extended for an upcoming trip that has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus Travel Guidelines?

Any appropriate business travel expenses extended personally by the traveler is eligible for reimbursement by traveler's home college/unit – except purchases made after the release of the Coronavirus Travel Guidelines and that were not approved through the Updated Travel Process.  The traveler (or arranger) should make every effort possible to cancel travel bookings in a timely fashion to ensure the university is not incurring higher than necessary costs (e.g. conference or hotel cancellation deadlines to be considered).  Airfare that is reimbursed may have residual value (determined by the airline rules and class of fare).  If airfare is reimbursed in full to the traveler, the credit will remain in the traveler’s name, but must be used for future business travel only.  If you are unable to use airfare credits, contact the Travel Office for eligible options.