How did the university prepare for the travel initiative?

Ohio State has used a preferred agency for individual business travel for years, and so have many other universities.

  • Last year, Ohio State travelers booked more than 10,900 flights through Corporate Travel Partners, either through CTP agents or the online Concur tool.
  • More than 550 higher education institutions, including more than half of the Big Ten institutions, utilize Concur.
  • CTP provides access to more than 1,000 domestic and international airlines. 

In preparation for the travel initiative, the university conducted two pilots. Collectively, the pilots included travelers in four colleges (Engineering, Food, Agriculture and Environmental Science, Law and John Glenn-Public Affairs) and five administrative units (Academic Affairs, Advancement, Business & Finance, Human Resources and Student Life).

In October-November 2017 (pilot I) and April 2018 (pilot II), 591 trips were booked by travelers in the pilot groups. Both pilot groups were surveyed about their satisfaction. In pilot I, 93% of users reported satisfaction with agent-assisted travel and 79% with online bookings.  In pilot II, satisfaction rates were 90% for agent-assisted and 80% for online bookings.

In addition, the Travel Office responded to 10 individuals who directly provided feedback during the pilots to present questions, concerns or compliments.