If I am approved to travel under business essential criteria, what health and safety travel requirements should I consider?

If you have been granted approval for business essential travel, you must consider the health and safety requirements set by the CDC, the university and those established at your destination. 

Prior to the submission of your travel request or the payment of travel expenses, consider the following:

  • All international travelers should schedule a pre-travel medical consultation for students or staff 10-12 weeks prior to intended travel. Travelers with higher risk for severe illness should schedule an appointment with their personal physician prior to domestic or international travel.
  • Adhere to established guidance on mitigation and social distancing.
  • Verify accessibility of hospital resources, specifically ICU capacity, at your destination. In general care for a positive COVID-19 diagnosis occurs on site and will not qualify for a medical evacuation. Contact your insurance provider to verify coverage and payment options. Consider if a power of attorney should be arranged in the event of critical care.
  • Know the U.S. entry restrictions on specific travelers returning from certain international destinations. 
  • Be aware that all travelers returning from international locations with a CDC Warning Level 3 Travel Health Notice will be required to self-isolate at home for 14-days prior to returning to any Ohio State campus or participating in university activities. University protocol or Ohio Department of Health public health orders may also require self-isolation or quarantine for returning domestic travelers.