What should I do if I can’t find a particular airline?

Corporate Travel Partners (CTP) provides access to more than 1,000 domestic and international airlines through its full-service agents and the online booking tool (Concur). 

If you cannot find the airline you are seeking within Concur, try these options:

  1. Refer to the Resource Guides to ensure the appropriate search/filter techniques are applied to optimize your results.  Particularly if you are booking an international flight, you may want to try your search again after unchecking the “Flights w/ no double connections” box in Concur to see all options.
  2. Contact the Concur help desk (877-727-5188; hours 8:00am - 7:00pm EST) for assistance with system rules or technology issues that may be affecting your search results. 
  3. Contact a CTP full service agent for assistance . Agents often can assist in cases when the airline is not listed in the online booking tool (Concur).  Consultation with an agent is free of charge; agency fees only apply to bookings.

Most established airlines are available through CTP/Concur, but there are exceptions.  These include airlines that have been deemed by the university, to lack a record of consistent service, no-frills airlines that make up for low-cost fares with a variety of “hidden” fees, and some international airlines that have payment processes that conflict with university policy.

The university has an obligation to ensure a certain level of service among the carriers used for business travel.  If you believe that an airline has been improperly excluded, please contact the university Travel Office.