Will booking airfare through the travel partners cost more than other travel websites?

In the vast majority of cases, flights booked through CTP full service agents or its online booking tool (Concur) cost the same or less than they would through third-party websites. While exceptions may exist, these typically involve unacceptable conditions for business travel, such as nonrefundable fares, “hidden” fees that explain the cost differential, or restrictions that are impactful to meeting the core needs of business travel.

In side-by-side comparisons of total costs, the university has confirmed that fares offered through CTP full service agents or its online booking tool (Concur) are usually comparable or less expensive than those advertised on third-party (reseller) sites.

If you believe that you have found a fare that has a better advertised price than through a quote from a CTP full service agent or the online booking tool (Concur), please complete the CTP Airfare Price Match Request form for assistance.  If the exact itinerary and fare is not available, CTP will provide comparable options that meet the core needs of the business travel. Maintaining status with a particular airline should not be cause for selection when comparable options are provided that meet the needs of the business travel.

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