What are acceptable checks with proper identification?

  • Cashier’s Check – A check purchased at a bank for any amount; the bank completes all information on the face of the check with a bank officer signing as the maker.
  • Certified Check – A personal check guaranteed by the bank; the check is stamped “certified” and signed by a bank officer.
  • Money Order An item purchased at a bank, post office, or other business establishment for any amount up to and including $200. The bank completes only the amount information.
  • Traveler’s Check A special check supplied by banks or other companies for the use of travelers; these checks already bear the purchaser’s signature and must be countersigned in the cashier’s presence.
  • Personal Check A written order payable on demand, drawn on a bank by a depositor; a personal check is written against an individual’s funds as opposed to a cashier’s check, certified check, money order, or traveler’s check, all of which are written against bank funds