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Frequently Asked Questions

Statement of Account and Billing

When is the fee payment deadline?

Fees are typically due one week prior to the first day of classes. For the fee payment deadline for a specific term, refer to the Upcoming Important Dates calendar on the right side of this website. You may also check the Registration, Fees, and Important Dates calendar or the Academic Calendar and Important Dates.

Will I get a late fee?

Your payment must be posted to your account by the fee payment deadline to avoid receiving late fees. If you submit your payment by mail, the postmark date on the envelope will be honored.

Visit Payment Processing Timelines for more information about when you should submit payment in order to avoid receiving a late fee.

Why is my financial aid pending?

Eligible financial aid will disburse to your statement of account 1-2 days prior to the fee payment deadline. Please note that, to facilitate disbursement of financial aid, the Pending Financial Aid line item posted on your statement of account must be removed; this may create a temporary balance, which will be resolved when your aid posts.

What does "Unapplied Payment" on my Statement of Account mean?

Unapplied payments are generated when payment on your account exceed the amount of the charges and the payment has nowhere else to apply. Most unapplied payments are eligible to refund. Refunds usually begin 1-2 days after financial aid disburses for the term.

Note that not every type of unapplied payment is eligible to refund to you. If you have questions about whether an unapplied payment will refund, contact Buckeye Link.

How do I waive Student Health Insurance?

Students who are degree seeking and enrolled a minimum of half-time are required to have health insurance. You may waive this requirement by documenting your other adequate health insurance.

Visit the Student Health Insurance site for additional information.

Pay Tuition and Fees

How do I make a payment?

Consider making a payment online to avoid mail delays. Ohio State offers several payment options for students and families, including a free electronic check option and payment plan. Or, if you’re ready, you can make a payment now.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Ohio State’s Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP) allows students and their families to divide the cost of tuition and fees into installment payments – four installments for autumn/spring and three installments for summer term. 

Did you receive my payment?

Payments received by Ohio State are posted to your account within 2-3 business days of receipt at the Office of the University Bursar. You can confirm receipt by viewing your Statement of Account.

Note that mailed payment timelines may increase at peak periods in mid-August, late December, early January, late April, and early May. During these periods, allot extra time.

I need to submit a scholarship check. How do I do that?

External scholarship checks should be mailed to the Office of the University Bursar. For details about how, where, and when to mail your scholarship check, visit External Scholarships.

Can someone else pay my bill on my behalf?

Yes, you may designate another person to pay your bill on your behalf. To learn more, visit Authorized Payer - Pay on Behalf of a Student.

Note that the only business an Authorized Payer can conduct through the Authorized Payer gateway is submitting payment; they cannot access any other account-specific information (e.g., course schedule, financial aid, grades) for you through this portal.


Where is my refund and how much will it be?

Students who are eligible for a refund will see an unapplied payment at the bottom of their statement of account. Eligible credits posted to your statement will be refunded beginning 1-2 business days after financial aid disburses.

Learn more about refund timelines on our Refunds webpage and sign up for direct deposit to receive your refund faster.

How do I change my direct deposit account information?

Review Step 3 in the How to Set Up an Account Refund (Direct Deposit) job aid. 

Can my direct deposit refunds be sent to someone else?

You can only have one bank account for direct deposit refunds on file at a time. The bank account information for the intended refund recipient should be entered at the time you enroll in direct deposit.

If a refund should be split among multiple recipients, they must work together to arrange appropriate transfer of funds from the person who received the refund.


How can I make a payment on behalf of my student?

Your student can authorize you to make a payment on their behalf. To learn more about how to become an Authorized Payer and make a payment, visit Authorized Payer - Pay on Behalf of a Student.

Note: the only business that you can conduct through the Authorized Payer gateway is submitting payment; you cannot access any other account-specific information (e.g., course schedule, financial aid, grades) for your student through this portal.

Where can I see my student's bill?

Your student has on-demand access to their statement of account (bill) through their My Buckeye Link account.

If you have questions about your student's bill, you may contact Buckeye Link, provided your student has added you as an authorized contact to their account through their Student Information Release.

Ohio State does not offer a parent or family portal that allows you to access your student's account directly.

I can't log into my Authorized Payer account. What do I do?

If you are locked out of your Authorized Payer account, your student can resend a payer invitation by following Steps 6 through 8 in the Authorized Payer job aid.

Only your student has the ability to reset your Authorized Payer account password; you cannot do this on your own.


What happens when my account is transferred to Collections?

If you owe money to Ohio State, an administrative hold will be added to your My Buckeye Link account. Most university services are restricted until your balance is paid in full. For further information about how your account will be impacted when it is transferred to Collections, visit Collections Impacts.

How do I pay for past due tuition and fees?

Depending on how far past due your account is, you will make payment through one of the following portals:

  • Your My Buckeye Link account - current or recent former students
  • ECSI - former students who received their bill from this vendor
  • Ohio Attorney General - accounts 1+ year past due that have been transferred

Visit Collections for the appropriate payment portals and further details about how to pay past due tuition and fees.

Do you offer a payment plan for accounts in Collections?

Yes. Visit Establish a Repayment Plan for an Account in Collections for more information about how to contact Collections to establish a plan.

My account in Collections has been placed with the Ohio Attorney General. How do I make payment?

Payments toward accounts placed with the Ohio Attorney General (OAG) must be made directly to them. Ohio State is unable to process payments received for accounts at the OAG.

About the Office of the University Bursar

The Office of the University Bursar (OUB) at The Ohio State University assists over 65,000 students and their families, as well as university departments and outside organizations with making payment toward tuition and fees and other charges assessed to the student financial account. University Collections, a division of OUB, monitors and collects on past due account and certain types of student loans.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our customers while equipping them with the resources they need to successfully meet their financial obligation to Ohio State. Each year, we process and account for over $1 billion in transactions.


OUB is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Academic ServicesStudent Academic Services Building Building on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University.

To learn more about how and where to submit payment for tuition and fees, please visit Pay Tuition and Fees. Submitting payments to Ohio State addresses other than those outlined in Pay Tuition and Fees will result in processing delays. 

Please contact Buckeye Link with questions about your student account.

Student Academic Services Building Location

Student Academic Services is located at 281 W. Lane Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. For detailed directions and the closest available parking, visit the Ohio State campus map.

Bursar campus location on university map
Student Academic Services Building on Campus Map