Comprehensive Energy Management

Utilities Management

The Office of Comprehensive Energy Management was established to ensure the enterprise-wide strategic management of the procurement of utility commodities and to manage the university’s role in the 50-year partnership with its energy concessionaire, Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP).


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Utility Costs* per unit for Fiscal Year 2023
Electricity$ 0.1233/kWh
Steam$ 33.4127/thousand pounds
Water$ 9.7215/hundred cubic feet
Chilled Water$ 0.5126/ton hour
Natural Gass$ 16.1897/million cubic feet

*Utility Costs include all costs associated with the generation, distribution, operations and systems maintenance for each utility on the Columbus campus. For example, electricity costs include the cost of the energy commodity purchased from the competitive marketplace, the state-regulated costs for the delivery of the commodity to campus, the cost to operate, maintain and repair the power distribution system on campus, and any associated capital costs for expansion, additions, or upgrades of those campus systems.  

Scott Potter   
Senior Director  

TJ Wood
Associate Director