Procurement Shared Service Center

The Procurement Shared Service Center supports the procurement and expense functions of the following areas:

  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Education & Human Ecology
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Optometry
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Public Health
  • College of Social Work
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Enterprise for Research, Innovation, & Knowledge
  • John Glenn College of Public Affairs
  • Mansfield Campus
  • Marion Campus
  • Moritz College of Law
  • Office of Academic Affairs
  • Office of Administration & Planning
  • Office of Business & Finance
  • Office of Government Affairs
  • Office of Human Resources
  • Office of Legal Affairs
  • Office of Marketing & Communications
  • Office of Student Life
  • Office of the Board of Trustees
  • Office of the President
  • Office of University Advancement


Which procurement process should I use?

The procurement process consists of four major processes.  The procurement decision tree can help you determine which process to follow.

  • Payments – process for issuing payments to pay non-PO invoices or non-University suppliers.
  • PCard – process for making purchases on one of three types of University issued credit cards.
  • Purchase Orders - Process for paying on-Catalog purchase of goods and services to off-contract or Non-Catalog, to OSU Inventory and select internal OSU suppliers
  • Travel –  Process for requesting travel approval, prepayment of travel expenses, and post trip reimbursement of travel expenses.

Workday is the primary mechanism for requesting payments, pcard purchases, purchase orders, and Buckeye Buy. 

Additionally, it should be used for documenting travel related expenses including PCard purchases in relation to travel expenses.

How to use Workday

For assistance in using the Workday, please refer to the university’s Administrative Resource Center.

All active employees have basic access in Workday to enter requisitions under their home department.  Additional access can be requested through your department’s SFO or designee.

When entering a Requisition use the correct Purchasing/Payment Option

If you need to purchase something

  • Buckeye Buy – method for creating a Purchase order to procure goods and services available through internal vendors and university contracted vendors. If you are not sure of the preferred method this should be the default method.
  • Non-Catalog Request – method for creating a Purchase order to procure goods or services not already available on contract from non-catalog vendors.
  • PCard Preferred – method for requesting purchases on a University credit card.


If you need to pay someone

(NOTE:  Generally, paying someone for goods or services should be facilitated through the Create Requisition process in Workday)

  • Reimbursement to Employee – The employee should use the "create expense report" task in Workday as part of self-service. Alternatively, some staff members can create expense reports for other employees by using the "Create Expense report for Worker" task.
  • Payment non-PO invoice (Supplier Invoice Request) Request to pay an invoice not associated with a purchase order and the supplier is an approved vendor in the system. Examples: Utilities
  • Payment for non-University Supplier (Miscellaneous Payment Request)Request a one-time payment to a non-supplier. Examples: Honorarium, visiting fellows, etc.

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