Sponsored Students

A sponsored student has part or all of their tuition and fees paid to Ohio State directly by an outside organization such as a branch of the military, a foreign embassy, or an employer. To qualify for sponsorship, a student must be in a formal, contracted relationship with their sponsor.

This type of payment arrangement is different from a tuition reimbursement program that many employers provide as an employment benefit.

Submit a Sponsor Authorization or Voucher

An authorization or voucher is a document from your sponsor stating that they will assume partial or full financial responsibility for your tuition and fees. We use this document along with information on file about your sponsor to credit your statement of account and invoice your sponsor.

You are required to submit an updated authorization or voucher for your sponsor arrangement at least once per year; some organizations require you to submit your authorization on a per semester basis.

Authorizations and vouchers should be submitted via email or fax to the Office of the University Bursar's Sponsored Programs department:

The Ohio State University
Office of the University Bursar
Attn: Sponsored Programs
2nd Floor, Student Academic Services Building
281 W. Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1132

E: sponsprg@osu.edu
F: 614-292-1106

Sponsored Student Statement of Account

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The Sponsor Billing Process

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Military and Veteran Students - The GI Bill

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Sponsored Student Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a sponsored student include:

  • Provide Ohio State with a current valid authorization/voucher from your sponsor.
  • Monitor your statement of account on a regular basis. Any charges unpaid by the sponsor are the student's responsibility.
  • Know when your authorization has expired and obtain a new one. Ohio State will not contact you or your sponsor when an authorization is no longer valid.
  • Provide your sponsor with additional information such as grades, class schedules, transcripts, and any other non-financial related information requested by the sponsor.