Office of Investments

About the Office

The Office of Investments was established to ensure strategic management of the university's Long-Term Investment Pool (LTIP), which encompasses thousands of endowment funds that support access, affordability and excellence.

Led by Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Vishnu Srinivasan, the university's investment team employs a strategy that is designed to deliver long-term returns for the Ohio State community. Generating strong real returns over market cycles and active risk management are both critical parts of our investment process.

The Office of Investments utilizes a diversified asset allocation model that groups assets into five broad categories: Public Equity, Private Equity, Real Assets & Infrastructure, Hedge Funds (including Liquid & Illiquid Credit), and Cash & High-Grade Bonds. We partner with external managers and their specialized investment teams from around the world to implement our strategy. This model allows the Office of Investments to be responsive to changing market conditions.

Endowment Size

FY21 Endowment size

Long-Term Investment Pool - Portfolio Snapshot

Investment Performance


1 Year

3 Year

5 Year

Total LTIP




Policy Benchmark





Asset Allocation as of June 30, 2021

Asset allocation graph


Long Term Asset Class Targets and Ranges

Asset Class

Long-Term Target

Long-Term Range

 Public Equity


30% - 55%

 Private Equity


15% - 40%

 Real Assets & Infrastructure


5% - 15%

Total Equity


60% - 90%

 Hedge Funds


0% - 25%

 Cash & High-Grade Bonds


0% - 25%

Total Diversifying Assets


15% - 35%

What the Portfolio Supports

The Long-Term Investment Pool contains thousands of endowments funded by private gifts, strategic investments by the university and rainy-day funds that the university has saved to protect the financial health of the university and Wexner Medical Center.

Endowments generate more than $48 million a year for student scholarships and cover the cost of other priorities that might otherwise be borne by tuition and tax dollars. Students benefit from access to these resources, which improve the quality of education and healthcare at Ohio State.


FY21 Distributions: $247 Million


Historical Distributions


The Office of Investments supports Ohio State's mission as a leading flagship national research university through its management of the Long-Term Investment Pool. Our investment strategy is designed to deliver long-term, risk-adjusted returns to grow and protect the value of thousands of endowment funds that support access, affordability, and excellence.

For information about short- and intermediate-term investments, see the Treasurer's Office website.