What checks are unacceptable forms of payment?

  • Counter Check A non-personalized, non-encoded check that is available at most banks.
  • Starter Check – A non-personalized check that a person receives from a bank when they establish a new checking account. These are for the person’s use prior to receiving encoded checks from the bank.
  • Third Party Check – A check made payable to a person or organization other than the one accepting or cashing the check (for example, a paycheck).
  • Foreign Check (unless there are exceptional circumstances) – A check written on a foreign bank (e.g., a Canadian bank) not specifically prepared as U.S. currency. Contact the Office of Financial Services if a foreign check is received. If a foreign check is accepted, complete a Foreign Check Transmittal Form and contact the Office of Financial Services, Bank Reconciliations at 292-4822 for instructions.