University Values


How we accomplish our performance objectives and conduct ourselves on behalf of the institution.


In the standards we set, the results we produce, the relationships we are in and the dedicated service we provide.

Behaviors: Connects own work with unit and university goals and priorities; meets commitments; continuously gains knowledge, builds skills, increases engagement and improves productivity; seeks simple solutions; overcomes obstacles; makes tough decisions; focuses on customer and increasing customer satisfaction; develops positive working relationships with internal and external customers; identifies/participates in opportunities to serve the university and community.

Diversity in People and Ideas

Diversity of people and diversity of thought are a foundational part of who we are and how we work.  Embracing diversity is critical to getting the best talent and we believe our workforce should reflect the communities and customers we serve.  We embrace the generation of ideas without regard to sex, race, color, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran, disability or other protected status.

Behaviors: Embeds diversity throughout the recruitment and hiring process; recognizes that a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds is crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas; establishes and maintains respectful, trusting, and cooperative relationships; takes time to become culturally competent; appreciates and seeks deeper understanding of each person's unique contribution; welcomes ideas different from our own.


The heatlh of our environment demands that we respect each other, that we are inclusive, and that we profoundly value who each of us is as a whole person and what each of us uniquely contributes.  We strive to cultivate a flexible, collaborative, and inclusive work environment that leverages diversity and enables all individuals to contribute to their full potential.

Behaviors: Works to include and involve others; believes that a diverse workforce in an inclusive environment will improve individual and organizational performance and result in better value to our customers; listens to a range of ideas, perspectives, and solutions; solicits and respects other relevant points of view; communicates effectively with people from different cultures; utilizes cross-functional teams.

Access and Affordability

Providing inclusive access and an excellent and affordable education is core to our mission as a public land-grant university.  Ohio State has an opportunity to implement and scale innovative strategies to create more pathways to college for more students through our leadership and participation in the national dialogue on hire education.

Behaviors: Focused on operational excellence and resource stewardship; strives to make work simple and efficient; seeks to implement opterational excellence in policies and procedures; strives for improvements and elimination of non-value work; pursues innovative funding ideas for new resource generation.


This is our heritage and our future - we're curious, we're creative, and we embrace positive, constructive conflict.

Behaviors: Anticipates and prepares for change and changing demands; anticipates internal/external customer needs and understands the customer perspective; maintains curiosity, especially in difficult situations; pursues creative and unique solutions; asks questions and seeks information; seeks new knowledge/understanding/skills, and incorporates them into daily work; focuses on how something can be done instead of why it cannot; takes risks, initating action despite uncertainty of outcome.

Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Endeavor

Our aspirations demand we remove internal boundaries - we must share information, promote teamwork, and think creatively to make this happen.

Behaviors: Develops relationship across the university to share information, collaborate, and enhance the quality of work; involves others from different backgrounds/perspectives in decisions/plans to avoid surprises; thinks creatively about challenges and issues, seeking multiple sources of input; promotes teamwork through positive attitude and encouragement; commits to team objectives.

Integrity, Transparency, and Trust

Ou communication is direct and honest, we promote authenticity and transparency in our relationships and activities, and we give feedback with candor and respect.  We keep our word and we focus on solutions rather than fault and blame.

Behaviors: Conducts business in an ethical manner and adheres to our values, conduct guidelines, policies, and procedures; communicates accurately and honestly in an open manner; follows through on promises and delivers on time; listens to understand and build rapport; admits mistakes and seeks to make improvement; promotes authenticity and transparency; gives and receives feedback and coaching from multiple sources with candor and respect; assumes positive intentions even in challenging situations; resolves conflict in a timely, respectful, and constructive manner; celebrates the success of others and the team.