University Values


How we accomplish our performance objectives and conduct ourselves on behalf of the institution.

Excellence and Impact

Demonstrating leadership in pursuit of our vision and mission

Principle: Advancing sustainable and evidence-based solutions through mutually beneficial partnerships

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving
  • Proactively collaborate with others and strive for meaningful outcomes
  • Are bold in our endeavors and create environments to foster new approaches
  • Demonstrate persistence and commitment
  • Inspire others to join in and take action
  • Champion everyone’s potential for success

Diversity and Innovation

Welcoming differences and making connections among people and ideas

Principle: Encouraging open-minded exploration, risk-taking, and freedom of expression

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Are curious and open to different experiences
  • Recognize everyone’s potential to contribute new ideas
  • Actively engage others’ perspectives as opportunities for individual and institutional growth
  • Actively engage others’ perspectives as opportunities for individual and institutional growth
  • Use our successes and failures to learn and improve with humility

Inclusion and Equity

Upholding equal rights and advancing institutional fairness

Principle: Advocating for access, affordability, opportunity, and empowerment

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Intentionally foster a sense of belonging where all are valued
  • Strive to understand and appreciate each other’s backgrounds and experiences
  • Listen to multiple voices and engage in civil discourse
  • Acknowledge and address individual and systemic effects of bias and discrimination

Care and Compassion

Attending to the well-being of individuals and communities

Principle: Putting people at the center of all we do

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Are compassionate and meet people where they are
  • Support each other’s physical and mental health
  • Nurture a community of kindness and gratitude
  • Foster individual growth and development
  • Empower people to overcome obstacles

Integrity and Respect

Acting responsibly and being accountable

Principle: Building trust through honesty, transparency, and authentic engagement

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Value our greatest resource, our people, and acknowledge the contributions of every individual
  • Allow people to make and learn from mistakes
  • Work conscientiously and assume positive intent of others
  • Actively listen and engage in open, honest dialogue
  • Are good stewards of our and others’ resources