The Expense website provides guidance and resources for processing Non-Travel Reimbursements and Miscellaneous Payments.

 Non-Travel Reimbursements

About Non-Travel Reimbursements

Reimbursement for goods/services is permitted when other university resources are not available.  When possible, employees should not use personal funds/resources when options are available through Ohio State that are more efficient and will reduce costs (e.g. tax exemption). 

A reimbursement can be issued after an expense is incurred by an employee or guest for business related expenses. 

How to determine if a purchase is eligible for reimbursement:

  • Purchase must be for university business related expenses.
  • Before purchase with personal resources, refer to your unit’s fiscal officer for options and guidance.
  • Refer to the applicable policies for Expenditures and Purchasing
  • Refer to the Procuring Goods and Services Job Aid for priority considerations.

Reports and Resources


  • Workday Reports:  
    • Find Expense Report Summary - OSU - this report identifies all expense reports for a specific payee within an organization. 

    • Find Expense Report Details - OSU - this report identifies all expense reports with line details for a specific payee within an organization. 


Miscellaneous Payments 

About Miscellaneous Payments

A Miscellaneous Payment is a payment made to a person (U.S. citizen or resident alien) or an entity that is not an OSU supplier.  Miscellaneous Payments should be infrequent and are typically to provide a one-time payment for costs that are not feasible through other procurement options. 

Miscellaneous payment requests can be used in the following situations:

  • Affiliate Payment and Cost Sharing Arrangements
  • Cash Advance Payments for Human Subjects
  • Charitable donation
  • Conference registration (when PCard or reimbursement is not an option)
  • Direct Payments to Human Subjects
  • Employee assistance (non-payroll, non-supplier taxable payments to employees)
  • Honorarium
  • Petty Cash/Change Fund
  • Refund
  • Royalties and commissions
  • Stipend
  • Student awards
  • Student organization payment

Training and Job Aids

Reports and Resources


  • Workday Reports:  
    • Find Miscellaneous Payment Request Summary - OSU - this report can be used for basic metrics and transaction status tracking and returns Miscellaneous Payment Request data based on header information such as status, payee, and total amount. 

    • Find Miscellaneous Payment Request Details - OSU - this report provides detailed information on Miscellaneous Payment Requests including header information as well as line details such as funding and item description details when applicable

    • Find Miscellaneous Payees - this search task in Workday should be used  to verify if the name of the Miscellaneous Payee has already been established. 


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