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Accounts Payable Policy (4.41, PDF)

University policy managed by the Office of Business and Finance

Type: Forms
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AP Banking & Settlement Request

DocuSign form. For use to request a stop payment or submit a special handling request. After completion, this form must be downloaded and sent to apbanking@osu.edu as a PDF file.

AP Wire Request Form (Internal Use Only)

This form is to be used to request any payment for a Non-Resident Alien (NRA) payee or to request a wire payment for a supplier. Once approved, this form must be downloaded and sent to BF-PRSM-webform@osu.edu as a PDF file.

Compliance Form for Payments to B or W Visa Holders
Documentation Form for Non-Employee Work Arrangements
Foreign Draft Request

Contact AP for foreign draft request assistance at apbanking@osu.edu.

OSU Substitute Invoice Template

 This is a substitute form only for instances where a supplier can not submit a supplier-generated invoice.

Payment Request Form

Contact AP for non-PO payment request assistance at apcustomerservice@osu.edu

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