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Searching in Buckeye Buy- OSU Internal Suppliers

You can view all Internal Suppliers within the Administrative Resource Center (ARC): Internal Suppliers by Catalog and Inventory Status 

Some Internal Suppliers have catalogs in Buckeye Buy:

  • UNIV_Chemistry Stores
  • UNIV_Gas Cylinder Warehouse
  • UNIV_Main Warehouse
  • Fawcett Event Center
  • FOD_Environmental Health and Safety_Contracted Services
  • FOD_Environmental Health and Safety_Rad Waste
  • FOD_Lock and Key Services
  • TTM - Equipment
  • UniPrint
  • University Catering

Search for these supplier catalogs from the landing page under the supplier menu as shown below.

OSU Internal Supplier Search image

Include the full department name as listed above (UNIV, TTM, FOD, etc. must be part of the name search)

UNIV Internal Supplier Search imageIf your needs are not found via Buckeye Buy you can create a non-catalog request for the internal supplier.

Contact the Marketplace Team with questions about OSU Internal Suppliers, or if you are an Internal Supplier wishing to add your catalog to Buckeye Buy.

Searching in Buckeye Buy- Hosted Catalogs

Hosted Catalogs
  • No change in name.  (Prior to Workday, also known as hosted catalogs.)

  • Hosted Catalogs are searchable by supplier name from the initial landing page of Buckeye Buy.

  • See the supplier menu on the left margin. Enter a check box next to the supplier name to view their catalog offering.

  • Search by supplier name for any catalog that is not immediately visible. If you are having trouble finding the supplier, it may be using an Alternate or DBA (Doing Business As) name. You need to search using the  "WD Supplier Name" field.

  • Buckeye Buy has over 250 hosted catalogs searchable from this menu.

Hosted Catalog Supplier Search image

Contact the Marketplace Team with questions about university funded Buckeye Buy Purchases or catalogs available to the university​.


Searching in Buckeye Buy- RoundTrip Suppliers

RoundTrip Suppliers
  • Previously known as Supplier Websites
  • The RoundTrip supplier link Includes all “punch-out” or website-based catalogs.
  • Select the blue RoundTrip link to view all website catalogs available in your view of Buckeye Buy.
  • Buckeye Buy has over 35 RoundTrip suppliers

RoundTrip Supplier Search

Level 2 Results within RoundTrip 

  • VWRSigma-Aldrich and Life Technologies will offer a hosted catalog within their RoundTrip catalog, known as a "Level 2 Catalog."  You can view the results in the Level 2 Results link, just below the item search field.

Level 2 RoundTrip Search

Contact the Marketplace Team with questions about university funded Buckeye Buy Purchases or catalogs available to the university​.

Searching in Buckeye Buy- Marketplace Quotes

Marketplace Quotes
Marketplace Quotes logo
  • Previously known as MyQuote. The quote review and check-out process will remain the same. 

  • Marketplace Quotes is located within the RoundTrip suppliers listing. Click on "Marketplace Quotes" to view all suppliers listed who offer quotes.

  • Buckeye Buy has over 240 suppliers in Marketplace Quotes

  • For assistance with Marketplace Quotes please see the Marketplace Quotes User Guide

Contact the Marketplace Team with questions about university-funded Buckeye Buy Purchases or catalogs available to the university.

Promotional Suppliers

  • Promotional Supplier Punchout Quote Approval and Checkout Process


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