Stores is made up of six warehouse locations on campus, each providing different commodities and services for the various niche markets within the university community. Stores offers over 3,000 items available for next business day delivery. To order items from a Stores warehouse, place your order through eStores


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Chemistry Store

The Chemistry Store is a walk-in retail store for university purchases that stocks both scientific and office supplies. Purchases can be made by using an eRequest or procurement card. The stocked items are tailored to the needs of the Chemistry teaching and research labs.

180 Celeste Lab
120 W. 18th Avenue (see map)
Columbus, Ohio 43210 
Phone: (614) 292-3020
Fax: (614) 292-0565

Hours of Operation:
8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Monday - Friday)*
*Hours vary by quarter depending upon when the Chemistry Department is teaching night classes.

Gas Cylinder Warehouse

The Gas Cylinder Warehouse supplies The Ohio State University with cylinder gases, liquid nitrogen and accessories. We stock the most commonly requested items and will special order any item you need. In addition to stocking an assortment of gases, we carry a variety of spare parts for gas cylinders. 

Gas Demurrage (Rental) Charges

All gas cylinders for the University are to be purchased through the Gas Cylinder Warehouse. When the cylinder leaves the warehouse, it is tracked using the barcode attached to it. 

Once a customer receives a cylinder from the Gas Cylinder Warehouse, they will automatically be charged a demurrage for each cylinder in their possession at the end of each month. The rate of demurrage varies based on the size and type of cylinder. This will continue until the customer schedules a return for the cylinder back to the Gas Cylinder Warehouse.

The gas product within the tank is billed separately from the demurrage.

Inventory and Custody

It is the end users responsibility to maintain inventory and keep accurate records of their cylinders from the point they are delivered to the building, until the time they are returned to the Gas Cylinder Warehouse. The Gas Cylinder Warehouse will deliver and pick up the cylinders from the area instructed by the end user. While cylinders are in the customer's possession and within their buildings, it is the end users responsibility to know where the cylinders are being stored, and that they are being stored in a safe manner. It is suggested that each end user does a periodic audit of cylinders in their building to ensure accuracy of their demurrage expense. The demurrage report is available in eReports, under Inventory Billing, and provides a list of all the cylinders on campus.

2600 Kenny Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210 (see map)
Phone: (614) 292-2543
Fax: (614) 292-0546

Hours of Operation: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm
(University holidays and summer hours observed)

For emergency orders, special or custom mixes, or to request special handling, call a customer service associate at 292-2543.

Same day handling service fee: $100.00 
Emergency orders requiring handling during non-University business hours are assessed a minimum service fee of $200.00. 


General Warehouse 

Our General Warehouse stocks over 600 frequently used janitorial, hardware and office supply items. Through our partnerships with our suppliers and their minority partners, we are able to maintain inventory levels that meet the needs of the University Community.

2650 Kenny Road (see map)
Columbus, Ohio 43210 
Phone: (614) 292-2694
Fax: (614) 292-6913

Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 
(University holidays and summer hours observed)

Scientific Warehouse 

The Scientific Warehouse operates as a repository for the University’s scientific supplies. Reagent-grade organic and inorganic chemicals, various salts, acids, bases, solvents and alcohols, are just a few examples of the range of products available to our University customers. We currently stock over 1,000 items, which can be delivered the next business day. 

2600 Kenny Road (see map)
Columbus, Ohio 43210 
Phone: (614) 292-4219
Fax: (614) 292-0546

Hours of Operation: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
(University holidays and summer hours observed)


Stores News

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| October 4, 2019

Drop-off catering suppliers have requested that customers continue to provide at least 24-hour notice before placing an order in the Catering Marketplace.

Some suppliers have received orders they could not fill because no advance notice of the event was provided. Advance notice is necessary to allow suppliers to adequately plan and schedule multiple events on the same day.

Supplier contact information is available on their individual page within the Catering Marketplace.

eStores is working on an enhancement to the site that will automatically notify suppliers when a drop-off order request is entered on the site, even before...

| October 4, 2019

Amazon Business Account orders:
The order entry process for the Amazon Business Account has been modified to require a purchase request number prior to check-out. Amazon Business Account orders will be delivered to Columbus campus locations by Central Receiving. Delivery information for Amazon business account packages is available by tracking number via Central Receiving .

Amazon Personal purchases placed outside of the business account:
To prevent delays in delivery of personal orders placed outside of the business account, all users are advised to either update their delivery address information to their direct campus location,...

| October 4, 2019

Open Enrollment is the annual opportunity for staff to evaluate benefit options and make elections for the upcoming year. Open Enrollment for the 2020 benefit plan year will be available November 1-14, 2019 .

We strongly encourage staff to visit the Open Enrollment website to learn about 2020 benefits and select the options that best fit the employee's needs for the coming year. The website includes details of all benefit options available during open enrollment and what will be new in 2020. A few key changes to note are:

Two provider networks within the medical...
October 1, 2019

Ohio State’s Corporate Engagement Office hosted the Lieutenant Governor on Friday, September 6 as he announced the Ohio IP Promise . The initiative helps ensure that Ohio’s public universities are competitive and aligned when it comes to the transfer of our discoveries to the marketplace and aims to foster a climate where innovation thrives through partnerships. Learn more

| September 26, 2019

The Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser is the preferred browser to use with eRequest, eStores and eTravel for the most reliable experience.

While users may still prefer and use other browsers such as Google Chrome, keeping IE11 as the primary browser for eRequest, eStores and eTravel use is recommended.

Mac users are advised to use the Safari browser for these applications.

Additional instructions are available on how to configure IE11.

As always, you may contact the IT Service Desk for assistance in setting up IE11 for...