Match Exception Process

A match exception is a warning indicator that identifies when the voucher (invoice) and the purchase order are in conflict with each other, thus preventing payment to the supplier (until resolved).


When Match Exceptions Occur

Match Exceptions may occur when:

  • Supplier ID doesn’t match
  • PO is in an invalid status
  • Wrong supplier on PO
  • Duplicate invoices
  • EDI vendor submits PO line errors
  • Supplier invoice exceeds contracted amount (Buckeye Buy)
  • Manual entry errors

The Matching Process

The Matching Process is an automated process which runs every evening in the Financials system. The process applies the matching rules against the voucher and its associated purchase order. When the Matching Process occurs without exception, payment is issued to the Supplier. This is the normal process:


However, when system matching fails, a match exception occurs and manual intervention is required before the voucher will be paid.

The benefit of the Matching Process is to permit timely and accurate payments to suppliers, resulting in financial savings for the university.

The Matching Process also:

  • Limits payment to the quoted price.
  • Limits payment to the quantity ordered.
  • Maintains controls to verify and approve any discrepancies before paying Suppliers.

Resolving Match Exceptions

Department Responsibilities

Verify that goods/services ordered from supplier match what is received by the department.

  • If contacted by AP about a duplicate invoice, communicate within the department to ensure duplicate goods/services were not received. If received, both invoices must be paid.

Communicate directly with Supplier as the university's point of contact.

  • Ensure the Supplier has the updated fiscal year PO.
  • Maintain contact with the University Buyer.

Monitor your area's PO lifecycle in the Financials system (see eReports).

  • Make sure previous fiscal year PO's are closed. Refer to Purchasing for information on closing.
  • Make sure current fiscal year PO's are approved or in dispatched status.

Routinely run/review Match Exception Report to identify match exception(s) for department/college area.

  • Issue Change Order Requisition as necessary, wait for funds to be added to the Purchase Order in 2-3 business days, and verify that the voucher has matched.
  • If the voucher does not match after the funds are added and still appears on the Match Exception report, please email for assistance.


Match Exception Responsibilities

  • Enter corrections to vouchers in order to resolve outstanding match exception issues and encumbrance problems in the Financials system.
  • Advise appropriate resolution steps between department and applicable parties.

Match Exception Reporting

Match Exceptions Report (APB100OS)

  • Match Exceptions Report provides current match exception detail for a selected business unit based upon a specific date range. The report provides a rule description to assist users with the match exception cause. Departments can use this report to sort out PO’s associated with their ORG, in order to resolve an outstanding match exception. Go to eReports.

Purchase Order Report (POB101DW)

  • Purchase Order Report provides detail for PO’s associated with a selected business unit, VP/College area and department based upon search criteria. The report can assist departments with monitoring the lifecycle of PO’s with their ORG. Go to eReports.

Unpaid Voucher Report (POB113DW)

  • Unpaid Voucher Report provides detail regarding unpaid invoices (vouchers) that have been entered against a PO for a designated area. The report is a useful resource to verify the status of a voucher and indicate problems that may be holding the voucher from processing. Go to eReports.