Match Exception Process

A match exception is a warning indicator that identifies when the voucher (invoice) and the purchase order are in conflict with each other, thus preventing payment to the supplier (until resolved).


When Match Exceptions Occur

Match Exceptions may occur when:

  • Supplier ID doesn’t match
  • PO is in an invalid status
  • Wrong supplier on PO
  • Duplicate invoices
  • EDI vendor submits PO line errors
  • Supplier invoice exceeds contracted amount (Buckeye Buy)
  • Manual entry errors

The Matching Process

The Matching Process is an automated process which runs real time in Workday. The process applies the matching rules against the invoice and its associated purchase order. When the Matching Process occurs without exception, payment is issued to the Supplier. This is the normal process:

Department to requisition initiated. Department slash purchasing to purchase order issued. Supplier to goods slash services delivered to invoice submitted. Accounts Payable to supplier’s invoice entered. Workday to matching process successfully occurs (wi

However, when system matching fails, a match exception occurs and manual intervention is required before the invoice will be paid.

The benefit of the Matching Process is to permit timely and accurate payments to suppliers, resulting in financial savings for the university.

The Matching Process also:

  • Limits payment to the quoted price.
  • Limits payment to the quantity ordered.
  • Maintains controls to verify and approve any discrepancies before paying Suppliers.

Resolving Match Exceptions

Match Exception Reporting

Operational Reports - Accounts Payable tab