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Why are payments issued through Accounts Payable processed as an ACH deposit instead of a check?

ACH deposit is a safe and convenient method for issuing payments to individuals that significantly reduces the time delay between approval and processing of the payment.  In addition, use of ACH deposit reduces the University's risk of theft by eliminating the need for manual check handling and errors in the employee mailing addresses.

When I receive a payment through Accounts Payable, will I receive a notification?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail notification from Accounts Payable when the payment has been processed. The email will be sent to your OSU internet email account ( The email will provide you with the dollar amount of the payment and the date it was submitted to your bank. There will be an Excel spreadsheet attached to the email that itemizes the payment information.

What does the email notification look like?

Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 9:55 AM
Subject: Electronic Remittance from the Ohio State University

A disbursement has been processed from OSU and will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Total amount submitted:
Date Processed

The attached file is provided for your information UNIV_00000XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.csv. Open this file to bring up an Excel worksheet which provides supporting detail of the specific transactions included on this payment. 

If you have further questions, please contact:

Accounts Payable
The Ohio State University
Stores Bldg. Room 120
2650 Kenny Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: 614 292-6831
Fax: 614 292-2294

sample remittance

How long will it take for my payment to be deposited into my bank account?

You should allow at least 3-5 business days for your bank to deposit the payment into your account from the time you receive the email confirmation.

Who should I contact with a question concerning where my payment was deposited?

Contact the Accounts Payable office at 614-292-6831 or send an email to

If I am expecting more than one payment, will these be rolled together into one deposit into my bank account?

Yes, if all of the payment information is submitted, approved and processed at the time same. The Excel spreadsheet attached to the notification email will itemize the payment information.

Is there a report that will list these payments?

Yes, on the Paid Voucher Report (APU111OS). This report can be generated through the eReports Portal.

What if my bank account is closed when my payment reaches my bank?

Internal Vendor: Your bank will return the payment amount to the university.  You will need to submit a change of bank account through Employee Self Service. Contact Payroll at 614-292-2311 for specific instructions on how to expedite this process. Accounts Payable will be able to reissue the payment after the change has been processed and confirmed.

External Vendor: Your bank will return the payment amount to the university. You will need to contact Vendor Maintenance for instructions on how to update the bank account information.

Will this payment be included in my Form W-2?

The Form W-2 includes salary and wages issued through payroll. As this payment is through Accounts Payable and not Payroll, it is not reported on the Form W-2; however, depending on the reason for this payment, you may receive a Form 1099-MISC.

What if a non resident alien chooses not to complete the Glacier System questionnaire?

AP will be required to withhold 30% for tax from payments for honoraria or services.

Once a non resident alien has completed the Glacier System, what is the next step?

A non resident alien needs to print out the forms as specified in Glacier, sign them and mail them to the address indicated.

When can a non resident alien expect payment?

Payment will be made in five to seven days after all paperwork is received in Accounts Payable.

How do I pay an invoice in foreign currency?

If the department has an invoice that requires payment in foreign currency, send a Foreign Draft Request Form and the invoice to Accounts Payable indicating the currency type, amount to be paid, Purchase Order number, and chartfield information, i.e., Org, fund, account, and other optional chartfield segments, if used.

If the department does not have an invoice, send a Foreign Draft Request Form to Accounts Payable with the same information.

Do not process via the Payment Request Entry Page "PREP".

Contact Vendor Maintenance at with questions.

Does the direct deposit of payment affect all business units (University, OSURF and Medical Center)?

All employee payments, including travel reimbursements will be distributed as direct deposit.All employee payments, including travel reimbursements will be distributed as direct deposit.

How can I change the bank account where my payment will be deposited?

Submitting changes to your bank account can be done through the Employee Self Service Direct Deposit option. 

I have indicated "Hold for Pick-up" on the reimbursement request in the Travel system. How will this impact the employee who has direct deposit?

The "Hold for Pick-up" designation will not be effective for employees who have direct deposit. The same is true for the "Mail" designation.

What if I do not have direct deposit for my paycheck, how does this affect my payment?

The University encourages all employees to utilize direct deposit, when possible. If however, you have elected to receive a paper check for your pay, you will also receive any Accounts Payable payments via a paper check mailed to your home. You will not receive an email confirmation.

How frequently does the Accounts Payable system receive employee updates from the Human Resources system?

Updates occur on a nightly basis. Updates include new employees, name and address changes as well as bank account changes.

I have employees who regularly travel and receive a cash advance. Is this issued as a paper check or direct deposit?

If the employee has direct deposit of their pay, then the cash advance will also be issued as a direct deposit. Employees who receive a paper check for pay purposes will also receive a paper check for reimbursements, including any cash advance.

I'm trying to create a Req/PO and the vendor is inactive. The vendor is an ex-employee. What do I need to do?

This individual is now a non-employee vendor and a new vendor record should be created for them. The employee vendor should not be used. Follow the vendor maintenance procedures detailed on Purchasing to add the new vendor.

How do I check on the status of an invoice?

Ohio State customers can view the status of an invoice by running the "Paid Voucher Report" and "Unpaid Voucher Report" via eReports or through the Procurement Inquiry pages in the PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 system. If the information cannot be found there, contact Accounts Payable at (614) 292-6831.

How is this made possible?

Employees (including students) are automatically established as vendors in the Accounts Payable system. This means that you will no longer need to initiate a vendor file creation request for employees. In addition, you will no longer have to submit employee home address information on payment requests as this data is being provided from the Human Resources system on a nightly basis. 

Please note that it will be necessary to continue submitting the Add/Change Supplier form to Purchasing as well as the appropriate Accounts Payable Compliance Form for non-employee vendors.

I have not accessed my OSU email account before. Where do I start?

Instructions for activating your Ohio State email account are available on the OCIO help pages or by calling 8-HELP.

I have a payment for an employee who terminated or retired. Will their payment be distributed as a direct deposit?

Terminated and retired employees will remain active in the vendor file in the Financial system for up to 95 days from the effective date of their termination/retirement. If the employee had been on direct deposit for their pay, then yes, their payment will be distributed as a direct deposit.

How do I get copies of invoices?

Invoices are scanned and imaged by central Accounts Payable, and are available online in PeopleSoft Financials or through the Office of the Controller website "View Invoice". You must log in with your OSU name.# and password.

What employee payments are issued as a direct deposit?

All employee payments through Accounts Payable, including travel reimbursements, are distributed as direct deposit, provided the employee has elected direct deposit for payroll.

How do I reimburse a non resident alien for travel expenses?

A vendor must to be created by completing a Purchasing vendor maintenance request and by submitting an OSU Vendor Setup Form. In the comments field please indicate that this is for a reimbursement only. The department must submit the necessary travel reimbursement form.

If I process a payment for a student who is employed in a different department, will the payment be submitted as a direct deposit?

Yes, as long as the student is active in the Human Resources system and receives their pay as a direct deposit, then his or her payment will also be distributed as a direct deposit.

Do payments issued through Accounts Payable appear on the Check/Direct Deposit (pay364os) report?

No, employee payments issued through the Accounts Payable system are not related to payroll expenses. The Check/Direct Deposit report lists only payroll expenses.

What if I do not have an email account?

If you do not have an active Ohio State email account, you will not receive an email notification; however, the payment will still be directly deposited into your bank account.

Is there any difference in the direct deposit process if the expenses for a travel reimbursement are being shared across business units?

No, there is no relationship between direct deposit and the chartfield used to expense the reimbursement.

How do I pay or reimburse a non resident alien for work performed outside the US?

A vendor must to be created by completing a Purchasing vendor maintenance request and by submitting an OSU Vendor Setup Form. Comments should include that the work will be performed outside the US. The department must complete a Payment Request Form and send it to Accounts Payable.

Do students who are employed have payments distributed as a direct deposit?

Yes, hourly and monthly paid students who are active in the Human Resources system are established as vendors in the Accounts Payable system. If the employed student receives his or her pay as a direct deposit then his or her payment will also be processed as a direct deposit and will receive the email notification. Students who receive a paper check for their pay will receive a check mailed to their home address.

If my pay is deposited into multiple accounts, will my payment be deposited the same way?

The Accounts Payable system provides for only one bank account so each employee payment will be deposited into a single bank account. If you have multiple direct deposit accounts for your pay, your payment will be deposited in the account you have designated as receiving your remaining balance, also referred to as your "balance account".

Can a non-employee have payments deposited directly into their bank account?

Yes, non-employees who will receive on-going payments can be set up to receive electronic payments. Contact the Accounts Payable office at 614-292-6831 to obtain the appropriate form. This is not available for one-time or infrequent payments.