Loss Control and Prevention

The Office of Risk Management (“ORM”) is committed to creating, maintaining and continuously improving a culture that reflects the responsibility of the university to protect people, property, and the campus environment.

This commitment is reflected in part by the ORM Loss Control Unit objectives.  These objectives are accomplished through a Loss Control process focused on establishing standardized practices, policies, and procedures wherever the need may exist.  Theses primary objectives include:

  • Preventing and controlling loss of human, physical, and financial resources;
  • Achieving and maintaining compliance with applicable rules and regulations;
  • Assessment and identification of needs and measures to prevent loss exposure; and
  • Comprehensive investigation and determination of cause for loss or damage incidents.

The goals of safety, loss prevention, and risk management are consistent with the core values of our institution and contribute directly to the University’s foundation for excellence in education and public service.  Realized benefits are the protection of human life and physical assets, cost avoidance through prevention initiatives, and preservation of financial resources associated with recovery.

Property Inspections