Budget Calendar and Assumptions

Colleges and other university units should use these planning assumptions and this planning calendar in preparing their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

FY 24 Planning Assumptions

University Overhead Rates

Regional Campus Service Charges

Plant Operations and Maintenance Rates

Direct Billed Utility Rates


  • FY24 AMCP - 3%

Adaptive Planning Calendar

  • Planning cycle includes three forecasting periods, FY24 Summer Forecast is optional for some units
  • Each plan/forecast version is uploaded to Workday for reporting
  • FY24 Summer Forecast: Closed 8/21/2023
  • Adaptive will be open for input all year, except for a 2-week period at the end of each forecast cycle for review and data administration
  • Adaptive re-opened for FY 24 Autumn Forecast on 9/20/23
  • All FY 24 Autumn Forecasts are due 10/23/23
  • FY 24 Autumn Scorecards will be drafted, circulated and presented as part of Annual Profile Meetings in November & December 2023

Adaptive planning calendar image