Budget Calendar and Assumptions

Colleges and other university units should use these planning assumptions and this planning calendar in preparing their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

Planning Assumptions 

Composite Benefit Rates

  • FY20 Composite Benefit Rates
  • FY20 Benefit Rate Breakdown

University Overhead Rates

  • FY20 University Overhead Rates

Regional Campus Service Charges

  • FY20 Regional Surcharge 

Plant Operations and Maintenance Rates

  • FY20 Plant Operations and Maintenance Rates

Direct Billed Utility Rates

  • FY20 Direct Billed Utility Rates


  • TBD for FY2020

Planning Calendar

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FY20 Tuition & Fees | PreliminaryOct-22-2018Nov-30-2018
FY19 Fee Reconciliation | PreliminaryOct-22-2018Dec-18-2018
Operating Forecast  
  Unit ForecastingFeb- 04-2019Feb-22-2019
  FP&A ReviewFeb-26-2019Mar-01-2019
Operating Plan  
  FY19 Fee ReconciliationFeb-11-2019Feb-18-2019
  FY20 Tuition & FeesFeb-12-2019Feb-28-2019
  Unit PlanningMar-04-2019Mar-29-2019
  FP&A ReviewApr-01-2019Apr-10-2019
  FP&A Compile Plan MaterialApr-11-2019Apr-19-2019
  Leadership ReviewApr-22-2019May-03-2019
  Material due to BoT OfficeMay-06-2019May-06-2019
  BoT Review / ApprovalMay-30-2019May-30-2019