PCI Compliance

Merchant Managers Report Role

PCI Policy and Requirements

PCI Training

Online PCI Training is available on BuckeyeLearn for individuals who handle, process, or support the systems that process payment card transactions.  Instructions are currently available at  http://go.osu.edu/pci-training

Merchant Managers are responsible to insure individuals in their department complete training annually or upon hire.  Merchant Managers must maintain records of individuals who have completed training and provide this information to our external auditors during the annual audit.  A report is available on BuckeyeLearn to confirm the individuals and the date training was completed.    If you are a Merchant Manager and do not have the report loaded to the “Reports Tab” in Buckeye Learn, please send an email to the following address, buckeyelearnsupport@osu.edu.  For further information, please refer to “Merchant Manager Report Role”. 

PCI Training for Volunteers 

Thank you for volunteering at The Ohio State University.  If you will be handling or processing payment cards – debit or credit card payments – as part of your volunteer work, PCI Training is available at https://go.osu.edu/pci-volunteer

Once you have completed training, please contact the OSU department’s Merchant Manager who will provide a PCI Quiz and certification form for you to complete. For further information, please contact the Treasurer’s office. 

Terminal Inspection