Direct Deposit / Paycard

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the process by which the university deposits your paycheck directly into your checking account, savings account, or paycard. There are several benefits to direct deposit:

  • Security: Direct Deposit is safe because your pay is automatically deposited into your account on pay day - no worrying about lost or stolen checks. 

  • Speed: Direct Deposit is fast because your check is instantly deposited into your account and available on pay day - no standing in long bank lines or waiting for your check to clear. 

  • Simplicity: Direct Deposit is simple because your pay is deposited into your checking, savings or paycard account on time, correctly and confidentially. 


Enroll In or Update Your Direct Deposit Elections

To enroll in or make changes to your direct deposit, log in to Workday and select Payment Election buttton from the Pay application. Make sure you have your bank account number(s) and corresponding routing number(s) ready. See below if you are interested in obtaining a paycard.

Your funds should be directly deposited into your requested account(s) within 1-2 pay periods. An email notification will be sent to your account.

Direct Deposit Instructions




Ohio State employees now may receive their pay through direct deposit to a paycard, which can be used at millions of ATMs and anywhere Visa is accepted.

No change is necessary for employees who currently use direct deposit with existing checking or savings accounts.

Activate your card

Read the instructions that come with your card - including account rules. Then activate your card.

Set up direct deposit

Use your account and routing numbers to set up your direct deposit to your Global Cash Card.



Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Wisely Paycard FAQ(link is external) for details about its paycard program. The following FAQs provide some key information.

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Why should I sign up for a paycard?

Direct deposit has advantages over paper checks for a variety of reasons, including greater security, speed and simplicity. Starting July 1, 2019, Ohio State will pay all employees through a direct deposit option - either a checking account, savings account or paycard. (Paper checks will no longer be an option.)

You can choose the direct deposit option that works best for your situation, including splitting your pay into several accounts. A paycard is simply one of the options for direct deposit. 

Wisely Paycard publishes a webpage that provides some details about its paycard system. 

Am I required to use a paycard?

No. You may use any of the direct deposit options, which include using your checking accounts, savings accounts and the Wisely Paycard.

As of July 1, 2019, the university will not be printing paper checks, so employees who do not specify their preference by that day will automatically be sent a paycard and have their pay assigned to it. However, employees can update their direct deposit preferences at any time.

How do I sign up for a paycard?

Requests for paycards can be submitted through the Employee Service Center under the Direct Deposit/Paycard service.

What will a paycard cost me?

There is no charge to sign up for paycards through Wisely Paycard.

The company lists all potential transaction fees, costs, terms and conditions in its Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure form, which is delivered with your physical paycard. The instructions also explain how to avoid fees.  

How do I find a surcharge-free ATM?

Wisely Paycard posts links to surcharge-free ATMs on its ATM locator webpage, which includes links to:

Can I withdraw all the money off my card at one time?

Yes. You can go to a bank that services VISA and withdraw all of your money to the penny. Inform the teller you wish to do an over-the-counter transaction, and tell them the exact amount you would like to withdraw.

See your cardholder agreement from Wisely Paycard for details.


After setting up a paycard, can I change my preferences?

Yes. You may adjust your direct deposit preferences at any time through Employee Self Service

Can I split my pay among several accounts and/or a paycard?

Yes. Use Employee Self Service to determine how you want to receive your pay. 

When will my payroll funds be available on my Wisely Paycard?

Your funds will be available to you on payday.


Do I need to be a U.S. citizen or have a Social Security number to get a Wisely Paycard?

No. Foreign nationals may be required to provide some additional documentation (e.g. passport, visa). This information will be requested by Payroll Services when needed.

What do I do if my paycard is lost or stolen?

Call Wisely Paycard immediately at 888-220-4477.


My paycheck was issued as a paycard, can it be reissued as a direct deposit to my personal account?

No.  Once a payment has been issued on a paycard, we cannot reissue the payment to a different account.  Once you set up your direct deposit to your personal account, it will be reflected on future pays.