Performance Management

The Office of Business and Finance is committed to fostering a high-performance culture. To achieve this, we strive to provide each staff member with clear performance objectives, ongoing coaching and feedback, professional development, and recognition for outstanding work. Manage your performance and development plans at Gateway to Learning.

Enter your current plan and goals at the online B&F Performance Manager site. 

Foundational elements

University policy states that every performance management system must include the following foundational elements:

  • Performance Planning
  • Coaching
  • Feedback
  • Performance Review

Shared responsibility

Effective performance management is a shared responsibility between the employee and the manager.  Our process aims to develop trusting, communicative relationships between managers and employees, in an effort to increase productivity and enable employees to reach their full potential.

Performance Management Deadlines

  • August: Performance Planning/Goals Setting
  • December: First Coaching and Feedback Session
  • April: Second Coaching and Feedback Session
  • June: Final Review/Rating


Shared Values Initiative

In 2019, Ohio State began to implement a university-wide Shared Values Initiative. The Shared Values Initiative reminds us of the values that we share as a university community and our shared commitment to those values. It asks us to pause and reflect on not just what we do but how we do it.

Through collective reflection and evaluation, followed by meaningful action, we aim to reinforce our ethical culture and live our shared values to advance our core work of teaching, learning, research, and service. The effort is ongoing and consists of many different elements on how we accomplish our performance objectives and conduct ourselves on behalf of the institution.

Excellence and Impact

Demonstrating leadership in pursuit of our vision and mission

Principle: Advancing sustainable and evidence-based solutions through mutually beneficial partnerships

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Stimulate creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Proactively collaborate with others and strive for meaningful outcomes
  • Are bold in our endeavors and create environments to foster new approaches
  • Demonstrate persistence and commitment
  • Inspire others to join in and take action
  • Champion everyone’s potential for success

Diversity and Innovation

Welcoming differences and making connections among people and ideas

Principle: Encouraging open-minded exploration, risk-taking and freedom of expression

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Are curious and open to different experiences
  • Recognize everyone’s potential to contribute new ideas
  • Actively engage others’ perspectives as opportunities for individual and institutional growth
  • Work toward creative, collaborative solutions
  • Use our successes and failures to learn and improve with humility

Inclusion and Equity

Upholding equal rights and advancing institutional fairness

Principle: Advocating for access, affordability, opportunity and empowerment

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Intentionally foster a sense of belonging where all are valued
  • Strive to understand and appreciate each other’s backgrounds and experiences
  • Listen to multiple voices and engage in civil discourse
  • Acknowledge and address individual and systemic effects of bias and discrimination

Care and Compassion

Attending to the well-being of individuals and communities

Principle: Putting people at the center of all we do

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Are compassionate and meet people where they are
  • Support each other's physical and mental health
  • Nurture a community of kindness and gratitude
  • Foster individual growth and development
  • Empower people to overcome obstacles

Integrity and Respect

Acting responsibly and being accountable

Principle: Building trust through honesty, transparency and authentic engagement

Behaviors: Together, we

  • Value our greatest resource, our people, and acknowledge the contributions of every individual
  • Allow people to make and learn from mistakes
  • Work conscientiously and assume positive intent of others
  • Actively listen and engage in open, honest dialogue
  • Are good stewards of our and others’ resources