Employment and Hiring

Our goal is to help our business units deliver the university’s talent acquisition strategy through partnership and consultation.


Posting positions

Existing position (no significant changes in position description)

Use Fill Existing Position process when replacing a recently vacated position. 

When replacing an employee in a recently vacated position, login to the Human Resources Action (HRA) Request System.

  1. Complete a Fill Existing Position HRA using the step-by-step guide.
  2. Submit a Terminate HRA for the employee being replaced.  

New position or existing position for which the position description has changed 

Use Create New Position process when creating a new position (position has not previously existed) or when there are significant changes to a vacant position being filled.  

Login to the Human Resources Action (HRA) Request System.

  1. Complete a Create New Position HRA using the step-by-step guide.

  2. Submit Terminate HRA for the employee being replaced.

It is highly recommended that new or re-classified positions be discussed with our office prior to an HRA being submitted to ensure the classification is correct, and that the target hiring range has been approved by OHR.

Advertise externally

All positions are posted on www.jobsatosu.com.  Other external advertisements are available at an additional cost upon request.

To post on other websites or listservs, please contact the Talent Acquisition Specialist.

  • Other vendors include LinkedIn, Indeed, HigherEd Jobs, Diverse Issues in Higher Ed, as well as many industry specific and general sources.
  • Please indicate advertisement preferences in the HRA (Additional  Information Section) or contact the Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Deadlines and parameters

  • The deadline for submitting requests to post positions is Monday at 5pm.  If this deadline is met, the position will post the following Saturday morning.

  • All positions must be approved by unit leadership and fiscal representative prior to workflowing to the HR Service Center. Delays in these approvals may result in delayed posting.

  • The minimum posting length is one (1) week.

  • All regular and term positions must post. Temporary positions are not required to post.

  • All positions are posted on www.jobsatosu.com.


Screening and interview process

Assistance provided by the HR Service Center 

The B&F HR Service Center can provide assistance through all stages of the hiring process. Common services include:

  • Screening the applicant pool to create a short list of top candidates.
  • Conducting phone interviews.
  • Assisting with in-person interviews.
  • Conducting reference checks.
  • Assistance in determining appropriate job offers.

For assistance with these services, please contact the Talent Acquisition Specialist.  An over the phone or in-person in-take meeting is required to discuss the specifics of the position description and qualifications for the role.

Reference Checks

The purpose of a reference check is to ensure that information provided by the candidate is accurate, as well as, to garner further insight into the performance and personality of the candidate.

Ohio State asks all candidates to list references as part of the application process.

Manager Tips:

  1. Once a final candidate is identified, prior to extending a verbal offer, it is important to check references.
  2. Follow the Reference Check Guide (B&F) to guide the conversation with the reference. It is not required to ask all of the questions, only those relevant to the position.
  3. At least two (2) references should be contacted.
  4. Ensure that at least one of the references is a current or former supervisor.
  5. Prior to reaching out to any references, it is best practice to confirm with the candidate that the references are current, as well as give the candidate an opportunity to reach out to their references and inform them that they should be expecting a call.
  6. If the candidate is internal to the university, best practice is to contact the current supervisor directly. Inform the candidate prior to making contact.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Talent Acquisition Specialist.



Regular Staff

Once a final candidate is identified and a reference check has been performed, an offer can be extended.

Salary Determination:

  1. Consider relevant experience of the candidate.
  2. Consider internal equity within similar positions in the department.
  3. If the offer is more than 15% above or below the target hiring range, additional approval is required.  Please contact the B&F Talent Acquisition Specialist to gain additional approvals prior to extending an offer.

Once an amount has been determined, a verbal offer can be extended.

  • Please inform the candidate that all employment offers are contingent upon a successful completion of a background check (and credit check when necessary).

When the candidate accepts the offer, a “Hire” HRA can be initiated. This will begin the background check process, and the B&F HR Service Center will create and send out a formal letter of offer.

Submit a Hire HRA:

  1. Login to the Human Resources Action (HRA) Request System.
  2. Use the “Search” tab to locate the Position Action HRA used to post the position.
    • Narrow the search using the Request Type, Submitted By, Position Number, etc. parameters.
  3. Click on “Ready to Hire” (Located at the bottom of the Fill Existing Position or Create New Position HRA).
  4. Complete the Ready to Hire HRA .
  5. Manager Hiring Checklist.

Temporary Staff

There are two types of temporary staff employees

OSU Temporary Staff – Employed directly by Ohio State.

  • Classified or unclassified appointments for which the employment relationship between the university and the employee is intended for a specific, designated period of time. 
  • Temporary positions are not required to post.
  • Temporary appointments cannot exceed 12 months.   
  • Temporary classified appointments are not eligible to be certified.
  • There must be a six (6) month break in service when hiring the same person into the same position in which they previously served for a period of 12 months.

To hire an Ohio State Temporary Staff employee, contact the B&F Talent Acquisition Specialist to obtain application link and receive instructions for HRA completion.


Temporary Agency Services – Provided by a service/staffing agency through a purchasing contract

Student Staff

The basis for student employment is to help meet the needs of the university, provide university students with financial support in pursuit of their academic goals, and provide opportunities for academic or administrative job experience. The job duties and responsibilities of student employees vary greatly and may or may not be related to their field of study. 

There are two kinds of undergraduate student employees. 

  1. Student Assistants – perform mostly administrative, customer service, or clerical work. 
  2. Student Interns – provide students with an opportunity to apply their education in a real like work environment.  An internship program must be documented and on file in the employing unit.

Terms of Employment

  • Student employees are restricted to working 28 hours per week during academic terms in which they are enrolled and 38 hours per week during their off academic term and official school breaks.
  • Student employees may hold multiple appointments.  The appointments must be the same status (exempt or non-exempt) and must not total more than 70% FTE.  Graduate Associates cannot hold any appointment other than Graduate Associate and can hold multiple appointments up to 75% FTE.  
  • Student employees do not accrue paid vacation or sick leave and are not eligible for holiday pay.

To post a student position (not required), use the student advertising request form.

All student job postings will direct students to send resumes to the hiring manager.

Graduate student appointments (Graduate Associates) are paid on salaried appointments and exempt from overtime compensation. They are subject to the terms of their appointments, policies and eligibility guidelines administered and monitored by the Graduate School

To hire a Graduate Associate, please contact the Talent Acquisition Specialist.

To Hire a Student Employee, please submit a Hire HRA

  • Students must undergo a background check prior to hire.
  • Students must complete new hire paperwork prior to beginning their employment via DocuSign.
    • Please allow at least one (1) week from the date the Hire HRA is initiated and the proposed start date.