Procurement Service Center Contacts

How to email the service center

All emails regarding transaction requests, documentation, or general questions should be sent to

Service Center Staff


Academic 1 Team

Supports the College of Dentistry, John Glenn College, College of Law,  Office of Student Academic Excellence, and the College of Nursing


Academic 2 Team 

Supports College of Education & Human Ecology, College of Social Work, College of Public Health, Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge, and the Graduate School


Academic 3 Team

Supports College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Optometry, and College of Pharmacy


University Support 1 Team

Supports the Office of Administration and Planning, Office of Technology and Digital Innovation, and Student Life's offices of Facilities Operations, Risk and Emergency Management, Enivronmental Servicesand Facilities Planning and Design, and Technology Services


University Support 2 Team

Supports the Student Life's areas of Student Engagement and Support, Belonging and Inclussion, Health and Well being; Office of Academic Affairs areas of International Affairs, Wexner Center for the Arts and University LIbraries; Mansfield and Marion Campuses


University Support 3 Team

Supports the Offices of Business and Finance, Academic Affairs Administration and Diversity and Inclusion, Board of Trustees, Government Affairs, Legal Affairs, Human Resources, Marketing & Communication, President, Student Life's Development and Student Philanthropy, and University Advancement