Additional Financial Services

Human Subject Checking Account

Monetary payments to persons participating in research projects (human subjects) managed by the Office of Sponsored Programs can be made through cash disbursements, prepaid cards and checks.

The Office of Sponsored Programs assists research directors and principal investigators to develop the optimal payment program for their research study.

Project funding is managed through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).  For information regarding participation in a research project, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.


To establish an OSP human subject bank checking account

1. Obtain initial funding request forms

Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs
4th Floor Research Foundation Building
960 Kenny Rd
Columbus, OH 43210

2. Submit documents to open a checking account 

After OSP funding is approved, if the program will need a checking account, send completed OSP documents to Treasury with a request to open the new account:

The Office of the Treasurer
1590 North High Street, Suite 400
Columbus, OH 43210

Include the following items with the request:

  1. Listing of names and email addresses for each signer on the account

  2. Copy of driver’s license for each signer (required by the bank)

  3. Preference for single or duplicate checks