Energy Concession Agreement

On April 7, 2017, the Board of Trustees approved a public-private partnership that positioned The Ohio State University as an international leader in sustainability and provided new resources to advance teaching, learning and research.

The partnership with Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP), a consortium of ENGIE North America and Axium Infrastructure, will:

  • provide the largest investment in Ohio State’s academic mission, $1.165 billion that will be used to advance access, affordability, excellence and sustainability at the university;
  • launch an unprecedented energy efficiency program to modernize our 485-building campus to meet our sustainability goal of 25 percent improvement in energy efficiency within 10 years;
  • and establish Ohio State as an international leader in sustainability, through a new $50 million research center and other academic collaborations with students, faculty and staff. 

More information about the partnership, including how the funds will be used to support Ohio State's academic mission, can be found in the announcements and resources on this page.

Board meeting resources

Concession and lease

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