Payments, voucher approvals, and match exceptions

The university has several methods and processes for making payments to various entities. All result in a voucher being created for the payment. There are several processes the Procurement Shared Services Center is involved in to create and approve a voucher for payment.  Match exceptions occur when a voucher is created against a Purchase Order and the voucher is unable to clear matching.  The exception must be corrected before the voucher can pay.

The payment process is bound by multiple policies at the university. The Accounts Payable department controls A/P policy and general payment procedures. The policies mainly include:

Convenience orders are approved by University Purchasing on an annual basis. The university has 11 convenience orders for use for the general university. Departments can apply for additional convenience orders for special circumstances for payments that are not required to go through the Purchase Order process

The general procedures for the purchasing process can be found at the university's financial systems ASSIST pages.


General Rules and Requirements

Voucher approvals

Vouchers should be reviewed by the department to ensure that the vendor is charging the university the appropriate amount for the purchases being made. The department should also ensure that the goods or services have been received in good condition and services have been completed (when applicable). The Service Center should review the voucher for compliance with university policies and accuracy of the data entry.

Employee Reimbursements

Reimbursements for business expenses paid for by employees should be made in accordance with departmental and university expenditure policies. The department will enter a request for reimbursement and attach all receipts to the eRequest system. The Service Center will review the transaction for compliance with policies and accuracy.

Prep Entries

Prep entries are a method of paying non-PO invoices that cannot be processed through the eRequest system. The method of creating a voucher through PREP is completed by the Service Center and workflows to the Service Center Leads. A PREP entry occurs for Refunds and payment requests that cannot be “pushed” through the eRequest system for various reasons

Match Exceptions

Match exceptions occur when PO vouchers do not meet the requirements to pass the matching process. In order to clear match exceptions action must be taken to correct either the voucher or the Purchase Order. A change order to the purchase order is typically required to correct the match exception.

Vendor Payments

Vendor payments are payments to vendors using a convenience order where a Purchase Order is not required. A payment to a vendor using this method may or may not include an invoice from the vendor.

Process documentation