Payments, voucher approvals, and match exceptions

The university has two basic methods for paying an entity through our Financial system:

  • Supplier Invoice - This can be either through a supplier invoice request or an invoice submitted against a University issued Purchase order.
  • Miscellaneous Payment - Typically a one-time payment to an individual or entity for misc payments that do not require a Purchase order (refunds, honorariums, etc)

The Service Center is responsible for reviewing Supplier invoice requests and Misc payment requests after they are entered by the department staff.  The Service Center is also responsible for reviewing and resolving match exceptions against Supplier Invoices where the Purchase order and the Supplier invoice do not match.

The payment process is bound by multiple policies at the university. The Accounts Payable department controls A/P policy and general payment procedures. The policies mainly include:

Job aids for Supply chain can be found in the Administration Resource Center (ARC) under the Workday section:


General Rules and Requirements

Invoice approvals

Invoices should be reviewed by the department to ensure that the Supplier is charging the university the appropriate amount for the purchases being made. The department should also ensure that the goods or services have been received in good condition and services have been completed (when applicable). 

Employee Reimbursements

Reimbursements for business expenses paid for by employees should be made in accordance with departmental and university expenditure policies. The department will enter an expense report in Workday and attach all receipts to the transaction. The Service Center will review the transaction for compliance with policies and accuracy.

Match Exceptions

Match exceptions occur when Supplier invoices do not meet the requirements to pass the matching process. In order to clear match exceptions action must be taken to correct either the Supplier Invoice or the Purchase Order. A change order to the purchase order is typically required to correct the match exception.

Non-PO Supplier Payments

Non-PO Supplier payments are payments to suppliers using a supplier where a Purchase Order is not required. A payment to a supplier using this method may or may not include an invoice from the supplier.

Process documentation

Refer to the Administrative Resource Center Job Aids: