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What Does Financial Training Offer?

Financial Training offers a blended learning approach by providing online courses, instructor-led workshopClasssCourses and “Experience” sessions. The online courses offered through CarmenBuckeyeLearn or BuckeyeLearn and the series of instructor-led workshopClasssCourses focus on the on the university’s fiscal procedures, covering university policies and procedures as well as how best to work with the offices that have central financial responsibility. The Facilitated “Experience” sessions are facilitated and provide learners the opportunity for learners to practice how to complete journal entries, make deposits, create purchase orders, enter receipts, etcand many other hands-on tasks.

What does it cost to attend the Financial Training ClassCourses?

The workshop ClasssCourses are offered by the Controller’s Office as a service to the university community and are free of charge to your department. However, there is a cost to the university to provide this training. We often have people wait listed for our workshop ClasssCourses, so if you are registered for a course and your schedule should change and you are unable to attend this training, please cancel your registration allowing another participant to be enrolled.

Who are the individuals who present the Financial Training ClassCourses?

Volunteer Subject Matter Experts take time from their schedule to presenters, along with Financial Training staff from the Office of Business and Finance, present the sequence of workshopClasssCourses. In addition, liaisons from areas such as the Office of Financial Services, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Student Life and the University Archivist make short presentations, answer questions for their respective areas, and serve as facilitators for the “Experience” sessions.

How do I apply to be a volunteer for the Financial Training ClassCourses?

We enjoy hearing from knowledgeable individuals who are willing to assist. Please complete the volunteer agreement form found here. For those looking to present we have a multi-step train-the-trainer program to help you get started. In addition to presenters, we also seek volunteers to participate in a focus group or course design session.

Where do I register to take a final assessment?

To register to take a Final Assessment, please follow this link to BuckeyeLearn.

What are the different types of assessments?

Initiator Final Assessment

The Final Assessment will include questions and problems to solve based on typical day-to-day assignments of an Initiator. As an example, participants will create several general journal entries (JRNL) and Interdepartmental billing (IDB) journal entries using the training database. The results will be reviewed for accuracy and appropriateness. The two hour assessment sessions will be held in a computer lab at Mount Hall.

Delegated Buyer Final Assessment

The Final Assessment includes questions and problems to solve based on typical day-to-day assignments of a Delegated Buyer. For example, a Delegated Buyer trainee will create several purchase orders and requisitions in the training database that will be reviewed for correctness and appropriateness.

Delegated Receiver Final Assessment

The Final Assessment includes questions and problems to solve based on typical day-to-day assignments of a Delegated Receiver. A Receiver trainee will enter receipts, receive partial shipments or damaged goods, and enter comments as necessary.

Where can I find training requirements for Financial System roles or positions?

This table lists the required and recommended courses by job responsibility

Financial Training  Class Prerequisites

This table lists the required and recommended courses by job responsibility, along with the  prerequisites for each course.  The prerequisite courses  will prepare you to get the most value from the Financial Training ClassCourses. The prerequisites provide the foundation necessary for successful comprehension of the materials.

OCIO Training – Institutional Data Policy, Gramm-Leach Bliley, Identity Theft Red Flags(link is external)

Institutional Data Policy: This training, owned by the OCIO,  is required for all current authorized users of the central administrative systems, which include PeopleSoft, eReports Portal, Student systems (Admissions, Student Financial Aid, BARS, MARX and Alma Mater including access via the University Registrar’s web site) and the Operational Data Store.

Gramm-Leach Bliley: the purpose of this training is to educate employees who work with customer financial and credit information on the privacy requirements defined in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. The training is required for employees who have access to customer financial and credit information, such as student loans and financial aid data.

Identity Theft Red Flags: the Identity Theft Red Flags training is for individuals: who work in customer service areas where goods or services are sold but are not paid for fully at the point of the sale, such as patient & animal care clinics; who work in customer services areas where goods or services are sold and are paid for through payroll deductions such as parking services, memberships, etc.; who work in areas that generate bills or statements to collect on established accounts receivable; or who work in areas that handle loan processing. The training is also for managers, supervisors, and other individuals who oversee these processes.

Where can I find descriptions of  classes?

Where can I register for ClassCourses and experience sessions?

To register for courses and experience sessions for financial concepts and policies; the general ledger system; the procurement system; and reporting, access the learning management system BuckeyeLearn Here is a link to that system,

When is training available?

For a complete list of ClassCoursesall courses offered in the current six month period access this link to BuckeyeLearn, these steps:

  1. Sign in with your name.# and password
  3. Select Financial under Subject on the left side of the page.
  4. Select the session you wish to attend.
  5. Select Request to register for the session.

Are there additional training opportunities available?

Ohioans  have access to free e-learning courses. To access the courses follow these steps:

  • Follow Access
  • Select the “Online Training” picture/link at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the Sign In button
  • Register as a new user
  • Select a user name and password
  • Under the All Assessments drop down menu, select “Improve Your Computer Skills”
  • On the left hand menu, select the menu option that interests you (uncheck Tests or eBooks if you want eLearning classes)

You can access versions of Microsoft Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, SharePoint Designer, Vision, and Word. Class versions for Microsoft 2007-2013 are available. Remember that:

  • offers many quick tutorials on all of their products
  • The digital union provides access to at any of their locations or through one week “loaner” account.  

Who are the Volunteer Presenters?

Presenters and facilitators of Financial Training Courses are subject matters working in the field who volunteer their time to enrich the university community.  We are grateful to them for their contributions!

How do I find out which Courses I should attend and in what order?

Our course Class Descriptions and the combined curriculum both show the recommended sequence of online and courses. Your college fiscal officer may be your best resource to determine your training needs.

Some Courses in the series have prerequisites. If I already know the material, do I still have to attend the prerequisite Class?

Prerequisite courses are required as listed here in this link to the Financial Training Course offerings.  Your specific work area or supervisor my require additional course work. 

How do I find out how often a Class is offered or the time and location of a Class?

Refer to the learning management system BuckeyeLearn  for a complete schedule.

How do I register for a Financial Training Class?

Learners are encourage to visit BuckeyeLearn to view, review, and register for all courses. 

If I am unable to attend the Financial Training Class, am I required to cancel my registration?

Yes. We often have people waitlisted for our Courses, so if your schedule should change and you are unable to attend the training, please cancel your registration allowing another participant to be enrolled. To cancel your registration, simply go to the BuckeyeLearn. 

Note: Failure to cancel your registration within 24 hours prior to the Class will result in a “no show” status on your transcript.

What should I do if the class I want to attend is full?

Be sure to register and get on the “wait list.” This enables Financial Training to determine the need to add an additional session if necessary.

How do I qualify for a workshop certificate?

Each participant must attend the workshop in its entirety to be eligible to receive a workshop certificate. Certificates are distributed electronically by BuckeyeLearn after you complete the workshop.

How do I obtain a certificate of completion for the online BuckeyeLearn courses?

After completing the online BuckeyeLearn course, participants may download and print a proof of completion.