Purchase Orders, Requisitions, and eStore orders

The general method of ordering items through the university’s financial system typically includes the use of a purchase order. The requisition and eStores processes are sub processes of the purchase order process that generally result in a purchase order being created.  There are other processes that are used in the processes of creating a purchase order including change orders, bidding, and waivers.

The purchasing process is bound by multiple policies at the university.  The Purchasing Department controls the purchasing policy and general procurement procedures.

The policies mainly include:

The general procedures for the purchasing process can be found at the university's financial systems ASSIST pages.

The university utilizes two primary systems to complete the purchasing process:

Training will be offered by the PSSC on eRequest best practices and usage. We will offer training on a regular basis alternating between in person classes and online courses (Carmen connect). We will also provide one-on-one or small group training on request from our departments.



eStores is the university’s online marketplace.  The university has negotiated with over 200 vendors to provide catalogs to shop from.  For a complete list of vendors, visit the eStores website.


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