Financial Analysts

Teams of analysts from Financial Planning & Analysis have been assigned to each college or unit.  

By college

Arts and SciencesRandy WachtelScott Klute
Business (Fisher)Abbey CastleMichael Triplett
DentistryAndy MillerRandy Wachtel
Education and Human EcologyAbbey CastleMichael Triplett
EngineeringAbbey CastleMichael Triplett
Food, Agriculture and Environmental SciencesMichael TriplettRandy Wachtel
Law (Moritz)Andy MillerAbbey Castle
MedicineRandy WachtelAndy Miller
NursingAndy MillerRandy Wachtel
OptometryAndy MillerRandy Wachtel
PharmacyAndy MillerRandy Wachtel
Public Affairs (Glenn)Michael TriplettAbbey Castle
Public HealthAndy MillerAbbey Castle
Social WorkAbbey CastleMichael Triplett
Veterinary MedicineAndy MillerRandy Wachtel

By regional campus

LimaMichael TriplettAbbey Castle
MansfieldMichael TriplettAbbey Castle
MarionMichael TriplettAbbey Castle
NewarkMichael TriplettAbbey Castle
Wooster (ATI)Michael TriplettAbbey Castle

By Academic Affairs unit

Diversity and InclusionAbbey CastleAndy Miller
Enrollment ServicesLeanne StearnsRandy Wachtel
Graduate SchoolAbbey CastleAndy Miller
International AffairsAbbey CastleAndy Miller
OAA AdministrationAbbey CastleAndy Miller
Graduate SchoolAbbey CastleAndy Miller
OH-TECHAbbey CastleScott Klute
OCIOAbbey CastleScott Klute
OSU OnlineAbbey CastleScott Klute
Outreach and EngagementLeanne StearnsAndy Miller
Student LifeLeanne StearnsRandy Wachtel
Office of Institutional EquityLeanne StearnsAndy Miller
University LibrariesLeanne StearnsAndy Miller
Wexner Center for the ArtsLeanne StearnsAndy Miller

By Support Office/Auxiliary

Administration and PlanningScott Klute 
Alumni AssociationLeanne StearnsScott Klute
AthleticsAndy MillerLeanne Stearns
Business AdvancementAndy MillerLeanne Stearns
Board of TrusteesAndy MillerMichael Triplett
Business and FinanceMichael TriplettAbbey Castle
General UniversityAndy MillerMichael Triplett
Government AffairsMichael TriplettAbbey Castle
Health SciencesRandy WachtelAndy Miller
Health Sciences FGPRandy WachtelAndy Miller
Human Resources (Talent, Culture and)Michael TriplettAbbey Castle
Legal AffairsMichael TriplettAbbey Castle
PresidentAndy MillerAbbey Castle
ERIKLeanne StearnsScott Klute
University AdvancementLeanne StearnsScott Klute
Marketing & CommunicationsLeanne StearnsMichael Triplett

By Affiliate/Other

Health SystemRandy WachtelAndy Miller
OSUPRandy WachtelAndy Miller
Other AffiliatesRandy WachtelAndy Miller