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Supplier Maintenance FAQ

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How do I add a new supplier?

Ohio State end users with access to create requisitions must submit a non-catalog purchase requisition without a supplier. More information for creating the new supplier can be found in the Creating a Supplier Record job aid. In addition, requisitions without a supplier will be further vetted by Service Centers/Buyers, Commodity Managers, and Supplier Administrators. The Supplier Administrator will invite the new prospective supplier after the request has been approved. Once the supplier completes registration and the Supplier Administrator team screens the supplier, the supplier will be created in Workday and the requisition will be fulfilled. 

Who created the Supplier/Payee Setup Form and why?

The Supplier/Payee Setup Form was a collaboration between University Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Office of Sponsored Projects Purchasing and Accounts Payable, and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

The Supplier/Payee Setup Form is primarily used for Misc Payees and Supplier Invoice Requests. 

What if my Supplier Request is awaiting action from a Service Center individual who has changed roles or left the University?

Reach out to your Service Center Representative and request that the Supplier Request be reassigned to another member of the Service Center Team. The Service Center Team should email with instructions on who to reassign the Supplier request to from the Service Center team.