Travel initiative

The following message was distributed to faculty and staff on July 17, 2018


We are Ohio’s flagship university, but our pursuit of discovery takes us across the globe. In fact, faculty, staff and students took more than 27,000 flights in the past year to world capitals, remote villages and everywhere in between.

These trips are integral to our mission, but too often we are not using our size and scale to make the most effective use of resources. Ohio State has negotiated discounts through travel agencies that are not being fully utilized, and these benefits will grow if we all book travel in a consistent manner.

With this in mind, the university is launching a new travel initiative that will have short- and long-term benefits. Starting Aug. 1, individuals traveling on university business must book their flights and car rentals through Ohio State’s travel partners. (People may continue to directly arrange local flights within countries where booking through outside travel agencies is impractical.)

Ohio State renewed its commitment to operational excellence and resource stewardship in the strategic plan, and this initiative reflects that focus. Effective operations ultimately benefit our academic mission, and we are strongest when we work together.

For more information about this initiative, see the Travel Office website, which includes answers to some frequently asked questions.

We appreciate your continued support and commitment to Ohio State.

Bruce A. McPheron, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost

Michael Papadakis
Interim Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer

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