What is "backup withholding" and how does it affect vendor payments?

Backup withholding is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mandate which requires that the university withhold and remit to the IRS 28% of a vendor's payment under certain conditions. Backup withholding is typically required when the payee has failed to provide us with a valid Taxpayer Identification Number, as determined by the IRS. Payees are issued an IRS form 1099 at year-end which includes all amounts withheld, which is also reported to the IRS. All funds withheld can be applied to the vendor's next federal tax return.

For recipients of a First B Notice, submittal of a complete and accurate Vendor Setup Form (substitute IRS Form W-9), is necessary in order to resolve a backup withholding status and to avoid further withholding on future payments. 

For recipients of a Second B Notice, submittal of TIN validation documentation from the IRS or the SSA is necessary to resolve a backup withholding status. If an individual, a social security number printout is required or if a business, a 147C Letter is necessary.

For assistance or further questions contact Vendor Maintenance at BF-PRSM-Webform@osu.edu

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