Why should donors give now?

There are compelling reasons for contributing to the university, with benefits to acting now:

  • Gifts that are invested in the LTIP generate annual support for the university while they continue to grow. This means immediate and long-term support for priorities including scholarships, faculty positions, student programs and capital projects.
  • Endowments allow the university to plan based on committed resources. An endowment that funds a faculty chair, for instance, supports that chair and also frees up college resources for other priorities.
  • There are advantages to Ohio State’s status as a public institution and institutional investor. Gifts that support Ohio State grow tax-free because the university is a public institution. Our size as an institutional investor provides both economies of scale and investment opportunities that are not available to individual investors.
  • Endowments provide consistent, sustainable income that helps offset variations in state funding and other sources.

For information on how to give, go to osu.edu/giving