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Type: Policy
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Financial Foundation Data Model Management Policy (PDF)

University policy managed by the Office of Business and Finance

Type: Forms
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Additional Award Lines Template

Use this template only to request new or edit Grant Worktags for non-OSP grants as part of the Create Request questionnaire, when multiple grants are associated with an award. These requests for new grants route for approval by the Controller's Office, creation by the Office of Sponsored Programs, and management by the units

Checklist – Earnings Operation Intake

FDM Checklist Items for Earnings Operation Intake


Earnings Operation Supplemental Information Template

Use this template to provide additional details when requesting a new or editing an Earnings Operation.


FDM Checklist for Earnings Operation Decommissioning

Use this checklist if requesting to decommission an earnings operation


FDM Handbook

The definitive resource for all things related to the Workday FDM

Procurement Spend Category Template

Use this template for mass requests for Spend Categories, whether it be new or edits to existing values. Limited to three roles (Buyer, Commodity Manager, Procurement Administrator).


Type: Other
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FDM Request Process for new Worktag Values

There are several forms inside Workday that are used to request new financial Worktag values or to request edits to existing values. Use the attached reference guide to determine which Workday form is appropriate to use. If requesting an inactivation, you will follow the instructions on the Inactivation Checklist in addition to submitting your form. Additional instructions are contained within the reference guide to help you.