What the portfolio supports

The Long-Term Investment Pool contains thousands of endowments funded by private gifts, strategic investments by the university, and rainy-day funds that the university has saved to protect the financial health of the university and Wexner Medical Center.

Endowments generate more than $38 million a year for student scholarships and cover the cost of other priorities that might otherwise otherwise be borne by tuition and tax dollars. Students benefit from access to these resources, which improve the quality of education and healthcare at Ohio State.

Distributions for Fiscal Year 2019

type of supportFY19 Distribution
Academic strategic priorities$69,845,798
Educational support and facilities$46,630,427
Student financial aid$43,674,293
Faculty support$33,619,824
Wexner Medical Center$11,304,561
Public service$1,432,482

Note: 97 percent of gifted endowments specify the use based on the donor(s)' wishes.