Vendor Attestation Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

To enhance the health and safety of the university community, Ohio State is requiring every student, faculty and staff member to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In the current public health landscape, vaccines are the safest and most effective form of protection against COVID-19. To that end and consistent with university guidelines and the recent federal action plan, all vendor employees, subcontractors and subconsultants identified as embedded within Ohio State are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and attest to the following:

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The undersigned, on behalf of our company and all listed subcontractors and subconsultants attests that we have been provided a copy of the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement and that we intend to comply with that vaccine requirement, which has been implemented by The Ohio State University for vendors, effective October 25, 2021. We further attest that our company and all listed subcontractors and subconsultants will maintain compliance with this requirement for so long as the university should require.