Deaf Services, Inc.

Since 1991, DSC has provided high quality interpreting services in order to address the communication needs for the communities they serve. Whether you need American Sign Language Interpreting, Spoken Language Interpreting, Speech-to-Text Captioning, Video Remote Interpreting, document translation or onsite interpreting, they provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They interpret for any type of setting including but not limited to medical, dental, business, trainings, legal, mental health, educational, artistic and any other type of setting needed.

  • Items Offered: Onsite interpretation services.
  • Designations: eStores, Buy Ohio



Contract Details

  • Type: OSU
  • Dates: 02/01/19-02/01/24
  • Vendor ID #: 0000021947
  • Category Code: PROFS

Benefits to Ohio State

  • Negotiated fixed fees per-hour services

Ordering and Pricing

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  • All languages: Minimum: 1.5 hours => Price $52 


• Service (Shipping N/A)

Supplier Account Contact(s)

Vickie Walker
Phone: 614-841-1991
Fax: 614-841-4909

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