FY21 Blanket Order Season: Processing Time Frame = March 2, 2020 through May 15, 2020

In June and July 2020, Ohio State will implement Workday for Human Resources, Payroll, Finance and Supply Chain functionality. To ensure that campus areas can continue to provide services throughout the Workday implementation, all areas need to plan ahead.

As a result, Procure to Pay Services/Purchasing will be implementing a time frame for receipt of FY21 Blanket and Term requisitions. Your FY21 Blanket and Term requisitions must be received within the time frame of 3/2/20 through 5/15/20 to allow for adequate processing time.

Blanket Order and Term requisitions received after this date may not be processed until after Workday Go Live (7/6/20). 

Blanket Order General Guidelines

Blanket Orders are used for transactions that occur very frequently (daily or multiple times a week) have a high variation of product types, undetermined timing and not available in eStores. As a general rule, transactions = a minimum of 48-52 transactions per year.

Please note: Your blanket purchase request will be reviewed for approval by a Purchasing Commodity Manager.

 Now is the time to review current Blanket PO Release Forms with Blanket Order managers to decide if the order needs to be renewed. See the Blanket PO guidelines below:

  • Run the Purchase Order Report (POB101DW) to review the list of outstanding purchase orders with summary and detail information.
  • Review your department’s PO activity via the tools on the Procurement Inquiry Homepage in the Financial System.
  • Each blanket order Requisition created should only be ONE line.
  • Create only one blanket order per vendor per Organization-Fund combination.
  • Change the Accounting Date field to 07/01/20 to future date your requisition or purchase order.
  • Start your description field with “Blanket order for ________(INSERT SPECIFIC PRODUCT OR SERVICE YOU ARE PURCHASING).” This has changed from previous years! PLEASE DO NOT CREATE DESCRIPTION WITH “BLANKET ORDER AS FOLLOWS…”
  • Enter the value of 06/30/2021 in the Due Date field.

If you have questions about blanket purchase orders, contact a central buyer in the Purchasing Department.