Miscellaneous Payment Process: Tips and Tricks

A Miscellaneous Payment is a payment made to a person (U.S. citizen or resident alien) or an entity that is not an OSU supplier. Miscellaneous Payments should be infrequent and are typically to provide a one-time payment for costs that are not feasible through other procurement options.

Refer to the Procuring Goods and Services job aid in the ARC for procurement options that should be prioritized over use of a Miscellaneous Payment when possible.


More information about these and other Miscellaneous Payment categories.




Adherence to this process supports fiscal accountability, procurement guidelines and the timely processing of miscellaneous payments.

Confirm Appropriate Procurement Method to Review Miscellaneous Payment Category Requirements to Create* Miscellaneous Payee** to Create Miscellaneous Payment Request*** to Payment issued to Miscellaneous PayeeWorkday Access for Miscellaneous Payments

* In most cases (except for Refunds), the Miscellaneous Payee MUST have the Supplier/Payee Setup Form attached to the Miscellaneous Payee in Workday.

** Before creating a new Miscellaneous Payee, search Workday to verify if the name of the Miscellaneous Payee has already been established. In the Find Miscellaneous Payees report, be sure to check the box to include Inactive Payees. If a Miscellaneous Payee was inactivated, request reactivation rather than create a new one (after selecting the inactive Miscellaneous Payee, click related actions, Miscellaneous Payee and Activate).

*** Workday approvals route based on various parameters (for example, Miscellaneous Payment amount, spend category, worktags, etc.).


Business Role

Business Responsibilities

Security Roles


The Requester identifies a miscellaneous payment need (other P2P purchasing options are not available). 

The Requester initiates the Miscellaneous Payment Request.

The Requester is responsible for collecting the information required on the Supplier/Payee Setup form when needed and including the completed form in the Workday submission.

Responsible for compliance with all applicable policies.

Expense Data Entry Specialist

Cost Center Accountant

Company Financial Analyst

Cost Center Manager

Reviews all Miscellaneous Payments. 

Responsible for ensuring the purchase has an appropriate business purpose, within budget, and within the parameters of a Miscellaneous Payment.

Department leader (UNIV)Approve for business purpose when
•    Miscellaneous Payment is > $2,500
•    Miscellaneous Payment is related to a high-risk category and >$200
Other Approvers (Office of Sponsored Programs OSP Accountant, Special Approvers, Program Manager, etc.)Approves for business purpose for applicable approval areaN/A
Service Center Rep & Lead (UNIV)Reviews Miscellaneous Payment for accuracy and compliance with university policies and takes appropriate action (approval, edit, send back).

Business Operations Center Representative - Rep

Business Operations Center Representative - Lead

Petty Cash Custodian

Applicable for Petty Cash, Change Funds and Cash Advance Payments

Unit leader / SFO / Fiscal person / PI (for human subject) or individual designated by the Unit leader with the responsibility for a specific petty cash program and the monies held in it.

Manages the day-to-day activity in the petty cash fund, including payments, documentation, etc.

Maintains the documentation required for monthly petty cash reconciliation. An individual designated by the unit other than the custodian or backup custodian should reconcile the petty cash account.


Petty Cash Reconciler

Applicable for Petty Cash, Change Funds and Cash Advance Payments

A fiscal person who ensures all policies are followed and all documentation is appropriate to substantiate the monthly petty cash reconciliation.N/A

Office of the Controller

Applicable for Petty Cash, Change Funds and Cash Advance Payments

Establishes requirements for the use of petty cash, change funds and cash advance payments.N/A

Office of the Treasurer

Applicable for Petty Cash, Change Funds and Cash Advance Payments

Establishes requirements for the use of petty cash, change funds and cash advance payments.N/A
Travel, PCard & Expense TeamAdvises on policy or process, as appropriate.N/A
Supplier MaintenanceEnsures completeness of Supplier/Payee Setup Form.N/A


The following reports can be used to provide oversight and perform analytics on Miscellaneous Payments. Reports can be scheduled to automatically run within Workday and notifications can be set to alert users that the report is available in Workday.

Key Reports


Supports Process Steps

Find Miscellaneous Payment Summary - OSUThis report returns Miscellaneous Payment Request data based on header information such as status, payee, and total amount and can be used for basic metrics and transaction status tracking.Create Miscellaneous Payment Request
Find Miscellaneous Payment Details – OSUThis report provides detailed information on Miscellaneous Payment Requests including header information as well as line details such as funding and item description details when applicable.Create Miscellaneous Payment Request

Training and Practice Aids

Resource Type

Resource Name

Resource Description

Job Aid (ARC)Miscellaneous Payment ProcessInstructions on how to create a miscellaneous payee and a miscellaneous payment
Job Aid (ARC)Cash Advances for Human Subjects, Petty Cash and Change Funds – Process and AccountingInstructions on journal entries for and how to reconcile petty cash
WebsitePayments to Research Subjects Information from the Office of Research on Payments to Research Subjects
PolicyExpenditures PolicyPolicy on University expenditures
PolicyCash and Cash Alternatives Payment MethodsPolicy on petty cash, change funds and cash advance payments