PCard Office Hours Summary (Jan 2023)

Summary of PCard Office Hours (Jan 2023):

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January 2023 - Office Hours Summary


  • 2023 PCard Renewal
    • View your PCard to determine if it will be expiring in 2023.
    • Replacement cards should arrive at the PCard Office roughly 4 weeks before they expire.
    • Cards will be bundled by College/VP Area and made available for pickup by the SFO.
    • PCards will continue to work through the end of the month in which they expire (e.g., 4/30/23).


  • The Dispute Form Should Always be Attached to the ER When Expensing Fraudulent Transactions
    • Form should be attached to the original transaction and any credits that are received as a result of the dispute
    • Ensure that PCards are Cancelled for Retired/Terminated Employees
      • No transactions should be made on the PCard after an employee leaves the university/unit.
      • SFO’s & SC Managers should review the card inventory report that they receive each month to ensure that cards are cancelled in a timely manner.
      • Workday – Business Purpose Update
        • Effective December 16th, the list of Business Purposes were condensed to support analytical review of expense/travel transactions.
        • Selections are grouped by type with a prefix of "PCard", "Reimbursement (Non-Travel)" or "Travel". 
        • Selections marked “inactive” will not permit submission with new entry of Expense Report or Spend Authorization. If selection is already in-progress status, an alert will prompt for a change to proceed with approval.
      • Workday – Expense Item Update
        • You may notice some new attributes, and revised/new instructional text associated with existing expense items. 
        • The TPE Office reviewed all existing expense items for updates, and will continue to review all new expense items before they are loaded into Workday. 
      • Transactions Not Expensed
        • Review, submit and approve PCard transactions on an Expense Report in a timely manner. 
        • Suspension warning notices will be issued to cardholders/card managers with transactions not submitted on an Expense Report for more than 90 days from load in Workday.