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Creating Term Requisitions for eStores Items

Common Identifying features of a Term request:

  1. The purchase spans a contracted period of time, such as a year-long service agreement.
  2. The request is in the future, e.g., the next fiscal year.
  3. There are a lot of details and/or header comments to go along with the request, like contact information, special delivery instructions and delivery schedules.

Requests for these services (especially near the start of a new fiscal year) are potentially Term requests:

Purchasing categorytype of service

Office coffee and hot beverage service

Office water service

Distilled water

Carpet Cleaning or 

Mat Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Mat Services

Linens and Textiles

Linen Rentals

Laundering Services

Hospitality Products

Term requisitions differ from standard requisitions in a number of ways:

  1. Accounting and Due Dates should be modified to indicate the term of service, usually the next fiscal year.
  2. Header Comments should include the Standard Comment for Term requests and include all contact, delivery and other pertinent information.
  3. Unit of Measure (UOM) should be YR for year.
  4. Both the Ship To and Location fields should be the delivery location of the service.

The Requisition Distribution Method should be used to dispatch all eRequests for Term requisitions.



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