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Who created the Vendor Setup Form and why?

The Vendor Setup Form was a collaboration between University Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Office of Sponsored Projects Purchasing and Accounts Payable, and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. All three business units will utilize the form.

What if I do not understand something on the form?

This form is to be filled out by the Individual or Supplier you are working with; they can direct their questions to the appropriate Vendor Maintenance business unit

Do I have to have my Individual/Supplier check the Vendor Interaction Policy?

This policy pertains to OSUWMC only, at this time. If you have questions related to this policy, please contact OSUWMC Vendor Maintenance.

If a vendor is “Approved” but not marked “Open for ordering” what is my next step?

If a vendor is “Approved” but not marked “Open for ordering” what is my next step?

  • If you want to create a voucher through PREP for payment: If a vendor is “Approved” but not checked “open for ordering” you can still create a voucher through the PREP system (no additional steps are necessary).
  • If you want to create a REQ or PO? Your vendor must be “open for ordering”. You will need to submit a request to “Reactivate/Re-Open” your vendor on the Online Vendor Maintenance Request form

What is the difference between Approved and Inactive?

An “approved” vendor can still create a voucher for payment (see above) but will not allow for the creation of a REQ or PO.

I have invoices coming in for payment, but my vendor is closed. What do I do?

POs issued with a vendor ID# marked “Not Open for Ordering” will have no effect on payment activity. You can make changes to the existing PO, but please remember to close the PO when complete.

I need to do a change order to my open PO and my vendor is not available. Can I still do a Change order?

  • If the PO was created by a Delegated Buyer, there is no change to the process;
  • If the PO was created by Central Purchasing, submit a requisition without the Vendor ID (Vendor is blank), but provide all necessary information for the change. Please remember to close the PO when complete.

My PO is fully expensed, what do I do?

Contact the Accounts Payable team or Purchasing to determine if the PO Closure or change order process should be used.

Should I create a REQ if my vendor ID is closed?

No. Use an eStores supplier or contact Purchasing for an established supplier (Category Buyer listing)

There is a new contract for my specific Category, what do I do with my current PO on the old contract?

Your department should be utilizing current contracts. Finalize invoices and close your PO.

I have a Vendor addition for a specific category, who do I call?

See VM Contacts or the Category Buyer listing. Purchasing will review your request and make a determination on a case by case basis.

I'm unable to attach my .pdf to the Online Vendor Maintenance Form, what is the problem?

The Online Vendor Maintenance form is only supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Attachments must not exceed 2MB. (Need to reduce the size of your document?)

Can I upload the Vendor Setup Form to my eRequest?

Due to the confidentiality of the information contained in the documents we recommend that you do not upload to eRequest. The online Vendor Maintenance request form has layers of security built in to encrypt and protect your uploaded documents. 

Do I need to provide the Vendor Setup Form for a vendor that has been determined appropriate to Reactivate or Re-Open (see question above) when the “W9 Form Scanned” box is checked?

Please contact someone on the Vendor Maintenance Team to determine if appropriate documents are on file. Even if the box is check-marked, it does not guarantee that current and complete documentation is on file. Only Vendor Maintenance staff is able to access this content.

Can I Re-Open my “Closed for Ordering” vendor?

Contact Purchasing to discuss before submitting your request (VM Contacts; or see Category Buyer listing). Certain vendors were closed because they have met specific criteria. Determine the following before submitting a request to Reactivate/Reopen a vendor:

  • Can a PCard be used?
  • Can an “approved/open for ordering” supplier provide the same goods/service?
  • Have I talked to a Senior Buyer or Sourcing Leader in Purchasing?

Can I use a PCard?

Please utilize the decision tree to determine the preferred procurement method. (By order of Internal Supplier, eStores, PCard, Convenience Order, Purchase Order)

I was told my vendor request was not a “TIN Match” with the IRS. What does this mean?

The vendor's Tax Identification Number (TIN) needs to match the name with IRS files. The university complies with TIN matching all vendors that are created, Reactivated or Re-Opened. This process is completed by the Vendor Maintenance team prior to performing maintenance in PeopleSoft.

See additional information from the IRS(link is external).

How long does my online Vendor Maintenance request take to process?

The length of time for processing depends on many variables. It is important to submit your online request only once you have all required paperwork, with all the procurement questions answered. This will reduce the amount of back-and-forth emails, communication and requests being put on hold.

How do I access a listing of open POs for my departments?

Visit eReports(link is external). Run the Purchase Order Report (POB101DW) to review the list of outstanding purchase orders with summary and detail information.